Welcome! This page was created to provide you some information that the Grants Office staff has put together to assist you with proposal development for external funding agencies. In addition to this information, we encourage you to contact the Grants Office to discuss your research interests and to assist you in developing your grant development strategy. To start, simply fill out a Grant Proposal Review Form (IWU's internal sign-off form).

Writing grant proposals can be a very rewarding and professionally beneficial process. Proposal development is an iterative process that requires thoughtful preparation, determination, and perseverance. Perhaps three-fourths of the work involves getting ready to write. Plan to spend more time planning and thinking than you do writing, but allow plenty of time for both pursuits. Even when a research proposal is not funded, the grant development process gives you an opportunity to “make the case” for the merit of your research and get feedback from external peer reviewers. In fact, some programs prefer to award grants to resubmissions.  We hope this information is helpful.