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Applying for a Grant Overview

Developing a grant helps to clarify ideas, build coalitions of partners, and refine budgetary options. The grants office is full service and will assist with any and all aspects in the proposal submission process. The grants office provides the following services:

  • Advising on plans to seek external funding
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Analyzing funding programs and developing solicitation strategies
  • Forging internal and external collaborative teams
  • Writing and editing proposals
  • Designing and preparing budgets
  • Providing institutional narratives and statistics
  • Securing institutional approvals, certifications, and assurances
  • Coordinating proposal submissions
  • Building and maintaining relationships with external funding sources
  • Providing financial oversight of awards
  • Supporting the administration of awards and compliance reporting 


A great first step is to meet with the grants office staff to discuss your scholarship, need, or project. At any time, you can request to have funding for a project researched or share information about self-identify funding sources.

Once a grant has been identified, you can meet with the grants office staff to determine submission criteria, timeline, required approvals, certifications, assurances and development needs. A work plan will be created during the meeting.