Tommy Titan Young Alumni Challenge

In 2022, Tommy is challenging young alumni of the last 10 years to “subscribe” to Illinois Wesleyan by making a monthly recurring gift.

Gifts will fund the 2023 Career Immersion Excursion (CIE), a unique multi-day program during Spring Break where a group of IWU students travel to a U.S. city to engage with successful Titan alumni! CIE is designed to offer students the opportunity to get a close-up look at industries, companies, and careers. This trip also provides a chance for students to clarify career goals and aspirations. Students build their network through employer site visits, panel sessions, alumni socials, and professional networking events.

Join the Challenge

Challenge Rules: 

  1. The challenge is open to all young alumni classes (graduation years 2011-2021). 
  2. To join the challenge, alumni must sign up to make a recurring gift with the duration of one year.
  3. The first gift of your “subscription” must be made during the challenge timeline (December 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022). 
  4. Gifts can be made toward any area of support that you choose (The Wesleyan Fund is recommended).

Why Young Alumni Participation Matters

An Illinois Wesleyan education is a transformational experience that affects lives for the better. Generation after generation, students who benefited from the generosity of the IWU community have become young alumni who have paid it forward to the next generation of students. Leave a legacy by funding this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will affect career decisions of today's students. 

Honor Roll of Donors