Tommy Titan Young Alumni Challenge

Show your Titan pride by being the first champion of the Tommy Titan Challenge!

Tommy Titan


From October 2020 to July 2021, Tommy is challenging young alumni of the last 10 years to “subscribe” to Illinois Wesleyan by making a monthly recurring gift.

The class with the greatest percentage of alumni who set up a monthly recurring donation with the duration of one year (no matter where you give or the amount) will be crowned champion in July!

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Challenge Rules: 

  1. The challenge is open to all young alumni classes (graduation years 2010-2020). 
  2. To join the challenge, alumni must sign up to make a recurring gift with the duration of one year. A one-time gift does not count toward the total class participation.
  3. The first gift of your “subscription” must be made during the challenge timeline (October 1, 2020- July 31, 2021). 
  4. Gifts can be made toward any area of support that you choose (The Wesleyan Fund is recommended).
  5. A donor who ends their subscription prior to July 2021 will not be counted in the participation total.

Why Young Alumni Participation Matters

By making a gift to Illinois Wesleyan, you ensure the value of your degree. Outside organizations view the percentage of alumni donors as a measure of alumni satisfaction and use it when making decisions about rankings, financial stability, and awarding grants