Impact of Donor Support on IWU Students



Kayle Srinivas Rao '22

"I am all in for Wesleyan because IWU is a great place where I’ve learned so much and discovered what I want to do with my future."

Kelsey Robertson '21

"I’m All in for Wesleyan because it has given me an amazing group of friends, an extremely supportive staff, numerous opportunities for growth and knowledge, and overall an amazing experience which I am so sad to leave when I graduate but I know has prepared me to do so."


Eden Bushnell '23

"I am "All In for Wesleyan" because it is a stupendous school with an awesome academic environment and a lot of great supportive staff."


Connor DeWalt '22

"I’m all in for Wesleyan because IWU has given me so many opportunities over the years, and I want to do what I can to give back!"


Alivia Catey '23

"I am ALL IN FOR WESLEYAN because they were able to make my dream of going to a great, supportive college come true! :)"


Jackson Fischer '23

"IWU faculty and staff have been “all in” for me, so I’m all in for Wesleyan"


Erika Harper '22

"I absolutely love the school of theatre arts and the community and connections it has built me."


Allison Janotta '21

"Illinois Wesleyan is a place that has allowed me and many others to grow and be the best version of themselves."


Janaye Godfrey '21

"I’m all in for Wesleyan bc I was able to study abroad, go to the sweet sixteen in ncaa d3 lacrosse, and graduate in 4 years!"


Asyah Hussein '24

"Wesleyan has given me so many opportunities and broadened my horizons so I want to show others all of the potential Wesleyan has to offer!"


Alexis Jones '22

"I'm all in for Wesleyan because I know that my education and connections will take me far in my career."


Billy Leslie '22

"I'm All In Because it means the betterment of the university for now as well as the future and a bond for a lifetime"


Krista Messer '24

"I’m All In for Wesleyan because IWU is going to turn me into a successful nurse!"


Isabel Michniak '21

"Because this university has given me everything I want and more in my college experience!"


Kailee Piwowarczyk '22

"I am all in for wesleyan because it has provided me a place where I can be my very best self and express myself in academics and athletics."