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This election season, you're casting your vote...whether you know it or not.
(In fact, you've been voting since you graduated from Illinois Wesleyan)

The people who rank colleges have assessed your satisfaction with IWU every year since you've graduated.

Here's how they see things:

You are a donor = you are satisfied with IWU
You are NOT a donor = you are NOT satisfied with IWU

While 87% of alumni report their satisfaction with IWU to us, less than 19% of IWU alumni are donors.
To those who evaluate IWU, you vote yes or no. You're a donor or you're not.

And when you ARE a donor at any dollar amount...

  1. IWU gets a boost in college rankings (and the value of your degree increases)
  2. IWU is more likely to get funding from others (like the Gates Foundation or the NSF)
  3. IWU's bond rating improves, which strengthens the University's financial position

Vote Now!  Give a gift of any amount and vote YES for IWU. Give online or call 800-689-9743.

Get Out the Vote!   Tell your friends why you're voting for IWU, and encourage them to do the same. Post on the Wesleyan Fund Facebook Page, and share the page with other alumni!