giving circle logo Scholarship Recipients

2016-17: Tanner Kuenneth '18, Clare O'Donnell '18, Eric Rydell '17
2015-16:  Netherland Joiner '16, Danny Krob '16, Erin McCarey '16
Jessica Flach '15, Yolanda Juarez '17 and David McGrath '15
 Cassie Anderson '14, Ben Becker '14 and Alexis Sampson '14
2012-13: Bobby Castillo '14
2011-12: Emily Shire '13
2010-11: Joe Daniels '13


About the Hoss:
The Hoss Scholarship was established in 2010 by a group of Illinois Wesleyan cross country and track & field alumni, friends, and family who wished to honor their time at IWU by supporting a current IWU student.

At every IWU cross country meet, the team recognizes one male and one female runner with "The Hoss" award. Sometimes The Hoss is selected for his/her team spirit, determination, or personal best performance, other times for inspiring others. Despite the loose description, it is typically very clear who has earned The Hoss in each week's race.

To honor the spirit of this award, we support a student who exhibits Hoss-like qualities in his or her contributions to the campus community.

Goal: Fund as many $2,500 scholarships as we can each year.

The progress thermometer below reflects FY17 totals.


Current Supporters

Jordan Bartle '07
Andrea Bolton (Yoder) '03
Joshua Bolton
Justin Brandt
Melinda Brandt (Sprague) '06
Lane Coonrod '08
Leslie Coonrod
Mike Czajkowski '11
Kerry Devitt '10
James Ertel
Michelle Ertel (Dionne) '03
Tracy Felton '06
Sarah Fincham '98
Jesse Heath
Mary Hird (Barron) '08

Nathaniel Hird
Josh Holder
Trisha Holder (Powers) '03
Mel Keiser '07
Clint Kruger
Tara Kruger (Yoder) '04
Matthew Martin '07
Jeff Mavros '98
Kathryn Mavros (O'Rourke) '05
Gena Melick (Rawlins) '05
Matthew Melick '03
Michael Melick '02
John Miller
Anne Miller
Van Miller '04

Chris Pack
Mary Pack (Gergel) '07
Matt Roberts '01
Marie Schneider
William Schneider '00
Amy Schumacher
Christopher Schumacher
Robert Schwartz
Laura Suga (Tipton) '02
Marc Suga
Casey Twanow '01
Jaime Twanow
Laine Twanow '04
Drew Wellinghoff
Jackie Wickham '07 

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