All In for Wesleyan

All In For Wesleyan
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All in for Wesleyan is more than a one day giving campaign -- it's a day to celebrate Illinois Wesleyan and all of the things that make it special. Thank you for showing your Titan Pride and helping to spread the word!

Step #1 - Give your profile an IWU makeover!

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An All In Facebook frame is also available for use to overlay your current profile photo, learn how to apply it here.

Step #2 - Spread the word using #AllInForWesleyan

#AllInForWesleyan is here! Double your impact to @IL_Wesleyan by making a gift at!


The challenge is on! Visit to make your gift to @IL_Wesleyan today! #AllInForWesleyan


I'm #AllInForWesleyan today and every day! Join the challenge at!


Become an advocate for All In for Wesleyan on our giving platform. Signing up is easy, find out how here

Step #3 - Share your story

How did your IWU experience make you think bigger? Was it a helpful professor? A study abroad experience? An internship? Share your story on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tag those who made your IWU experience meaningful.

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Step #4 - Get the most recent updates!

See what everyone is talking about on our All In social media aggregate page.

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