All In for Wesleyan Social Media Toolkit

All In for Wesleyan 

All In for Wesleyan is April 8, 2021, can we make it another million dollar day? Last year, All In saw 2,122 donors and a record-breaking total of $1,007,555 raised in just 24 hours thanks to our pacesetter challenge donors and alumni, parents, and friends. Rise to the challenge and join in by being #AllInAllDay with the Titan Community! Make your gift, show your pride, and spread the word! 

Step #1 - Give your profile an IWU makeover

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See more graphics and learn where to use them here.

Please be sure to use these images on the appropriately designated social media platforms as they have been specifically created to best fit each social media's image dimension criteria. 

Step #2 - Spread the word using #AllInForWesleyan on April 8

#AllInForWesleyan is here! The Titan Community is #AllInAllDay, join in by making a gift to @IL_Wesleyan at!


The challenge is on! Visit to make your gift to @IL_Wesleyan today! #AllInForWesleyan


I'm All In, All Day for #AllInForWesleyan! Join in at!


Step #3 - Share your story

How are you #AllInforWesleyan? Share your story on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tag those who made your IWU experience meaningful.

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Step #4 - Get the most recent updates

  • See what everyone is talking about on our All In social media aggregate page.
  • Follow Illinois Wesleyan on social media -- Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter 
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Step #5 - Use IWU Digital Backgrounds

Utilize these backgrounds during All In video virtual engagement. Click on the image to open the background in a new window, then right click, and select 'save image as' to save the image onto your computer.