University Council on Diversity

The University Council on Diversity (UCD) is the visioning group of senior campus leaders responsible for assisting in advancing campus diversity initiatives.  IWU 2020 outlined a new organizational structure for the UCD which included two categories of sub-committees: educating for diversity (faculty committee on diversity, co-curricular advisory committee, and intercultural fluency committee) and creating an inclusive environment (campus climate assessment committee, policy and protocol review committee, and diversity leadership team). 

UCD Sub-Committees

Faculty Committee on Diversity 

The FCD is charged with identifying and communicating strategies for infusing diversity into the curriculum and classroom, in order to create a more inclusive experience for all students and to prepare them for life in a global society. The focus of the FCD is on discovering and sharing related curricular resources, areas for collaboration, faculty development opportunities and assessment strategies. 

Co-Curricular Advisory Committee 

The focus of this sub-committee is to meet with those directors and coordinators who work most closely with cultural and affinity-based RSOs. The goal is to offer streamlining and structure to students as they organize large-scale events and seek to offer programming and support to their student peers.

Multicultural Fluency Committee

Focus is on faculty and staff development of knowledge, skills and abilities for educating and serving a diverse community.

Council for Inclusion and Awareness

Focus is to gather all cultural and identity based RSO leadership in one space to discuss shared goals and challenges and to facilitate meaning communications and collaborations.

Campus Climate Assessment Committee 

Charge is to assess the campus climate for target populations. Membership includes students, faculty, and staff. Chaired by the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning and Evaluation.

Policy and Protocol Review Committee 

Charge is to review policy and reporting regarding incidents related to diversity and intolerance (including Title IX, Bias Incident, etc.) 

Diversity Leadership Team 

Leadership group consisting of the leaders of all diversity- related RSOs, Senate, athletics, Greek life, multicultural educators, engaging diversity and RHA. This team of students helps the Dean of Students keep her finger on the pulse of campus diversity issues and is available to other committees for feedback.