IWU international students in Uptown Normal

Thank you for your interest in Illinois Wesleyan University! We welcome students from around the world and have designed the following information to assist you with the application process. 

While we cannot guarantee that everyone will secure an F-1 student visa successfully, it is important for you to know we offer a great amount of assistance to help with the visa process. We begin working with students soon after their decision to attend the University to provide step-by-step detailed instructions for how to apply for a visa.

Illinois Wesleyan is an undergraduate university that offers programs leading to the bachelor's degree. We do not offer any graduate programs. Our course catalog is available online.

The international application deadline for the 2019 fall term is March 15, 2019.  (Note: International applicants are eligible for Early Action which requires all application materials to be submitted by November 15. November SAT results can be considered for Early Action application review.) 

International students are typically only admitted for the fall semester.

If admitted, international students who have completed a year or two of previous college work may receive credit for completed work, if such work is equivalent to courses offered at Illinois Wesleyan (see Information for International Transfer Students).

On-campus housing is available to all currently enrolled international students during the academic year, as well as holidays and breaks.

Any questions should be directed to:

Kimberly Zimmerman

Associate Dean of International and Regional Admissions

Illinois Wesleyan University
1211 Park Street
Bloomington, IL 61701 U.S.A.