Student Writing at Illinois Wesleyan

The faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University are committed to teaching students to write clearly and to produce writing which reflects serious thinking and well-supported claims.  Writing requirements include the Gateway Colloquium course, an introduction to writing, critical thinking, and academic discourse at Illinois Wesleyan University, usually taken during the first semester. Two Writing Intensive flagged courses (which may also fulfill General Education or major requirements), are also required, one WI course to be taken before the end of the sophomore year and one WI course in the major.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is open afternoons and evenings during the school year, and is located on the first floor of Buck Memorial Library.

Writing Center tutors are all students at Wesleyan, and come from a variety of majors. In many cases they've taken the same courses in which their clients are enrolled, and have tackled similar writing assignments, and have take a non-credit, semester-long course in the tutoring of writing. The Writing Center is accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association.

Writing Center tutors help student writers help themselves by acting as sympathetic readers, by asking questions, by helping students evaluate their ideas, argument, content, and style, by teaching writers invention, argumentation, drafting, and copyediting strategies they can use on their own. We help students with all the stages of the writing process, from those first rough ideas through prewriting, collecting supporting material, drafting, and final editing and proofreading. We believe that good writing takes work and benefits from several revisions and re-inventions.