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Student Writing

The faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University are committed to teaching students to write clearly and to produce writing that reflects serious thinking and well-supported claims.  Writing requirements begin with the Gateway Colloquium course, an introduction to writing, critical thinking, and academic discourse at Illinois Wesleyan University, usually taken during the first semester. Two Writing Intensive (WI) courses, which may also fulfill General Education or major requirements, follow with one WI course to be taken before the end of the sophomore year and one WI course in the major.

Writing Center tutors are trained student writing consultants who have experience with the same classes and assignments as our clients and who are additionally trained on the tutoring of the writing process, drafting, argumentation, and copy editing strategies.

Writing Center Tutors act as sympathetic readers by asking questions that encourage peer students to evaluate the ideas, arguments, content, and style of their own writing. Tutors can offer tips on invention techniques, argumentation, essay drafting, and copyediting strategies for all stages of the writing process. Writing Center Tutors seek to help each student realize their own individual writing potential and unique voice.