Evelyn Chapel

Beautiful, simple, intimate, and filled with light, the Evelyn Chapel is available year round for wedding ceremonies for alumni as well as the general public.  Illinois Wesleyan University is welcoming and affirming of all couples.  If you have any questions or would like to visit the Chapel, please contact the our Conference Services office by phone at 309-556-3035 or by email at weddings@iwu.edu. We look forward to hosting your ceremony!  Thank you for considering Evelyn Chapel on the Illinois Wesleyan University Campus in Bloomington, Illinois for your wedding ceremony!  

Evelyn Chapel exterior


Application ProcessEvelyn Chapel organ

In order to reserve the Chapel for your ceremony, please:

Reservations are not final until completed forms and fees received and confirmed by the Conference Services staff by email. Due to the large number of services and programs at the Chapel, we suggest putting in your reservation as early as possible. The University may refuse an application because of scheduling conflicts or other reasons at the discretion of the Conference Services office or the University Chaplain.


The reservation fee is determined by the couples affiliation with Illinois Wesleyan University.  If one member of the couple is a current IWU student, staff member, faculty member or alumnus, then the couple will receive the affiliate status.  Additionally, any children of the before mentioned IWU community members will also be considered affiliates.


Application Timeline

Couples may reserve the Chapel up to 18 months in advance.


A deposit, by check, of 50% of the Chapel fee is required with the application. The remaining balance is due at least two weeks before your wedding.  All checks should be made payable to Illinois Wesleyan University


Required Deposit due with Application $375

Not affiliated$950

Required Deposit due with Application $475

Evelyn Chapel aisel

 The Chapel Fee includes:
  • The Chapel space for 1 hour at your rehearsal and 3 hours at your wedding.  Additional time may be requested within six weeks of your scheduled ceremony and will be prorated, depending on availability.
  • A musician to play either the organ or the piano at your wedding ceremony.  In addition, we include a one hour music consultation with this musician.  Outside musicians are expected to work with the university-provided musician to coordinate all instrument and rehearsal needs.  No discount will be given if you should decline using the university musician.  Please note: the Chapel is not wired for sound; pre-recorded and electronically amplified music is not permitted in the Chapel.
  • An Illinois Wesleyan Ceremony Coordinator, who will serve as your host and assistant at the rehearsal and wedding day and who can also be available to answer specific questions in the weeks leading up to your wedding. The Coordinator is also responsible for helping people know where to go – florist, photographer, bridal party, relatives, guests, and specifically the seating of guests, the procession, forming the receiving line, and minor clean up following the ceremony.
  • Ample free parking is available for you and your guests in several Illinois Wesleyan lots nearby.
  • Use of the entire building including the second floor meditation area, lower level Fellowship area and lower level conference room.
  • Use of such liturgical supplies as white taper candles, a kneeler, flower stands, etc.




Illinois Wesleyan University is welcoming and affirming of all couples.