Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force

The Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force (SVPTF) meets regularly throughout the year and coordinates campus-wide educational programs. Training of front line responders receives considerable attention:  All-University Judiciary Committee (AUJC) members, Campus Safety, and residence life staff all receive specific sexual assault prevention and response training.  Policy review is an ongoing process coordinated by Cindy Lotz, Title IX coordinator.

2020-2021 Membership

Task Force Chair:



  • Christina Armstrong, Staff Counselor/Outreach Coordinator, Counseling and Consultation Services
  • Kevin Carey, Associate Dean of Students
  • Dr. Karla Carney-Hall, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Kyle Griffith, Director of Residence Life
  • Cindy Lotz, Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator
  • Sharla Brown-Ajayi, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Rebecca Roesner, Associate Provost and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Mike Wagner, Athletic Director
  • Mark Welker, Director of Campus Safety
  • Janiyah Williams '22