Summer Term FAQ


Q: How do I register? 

A: Non-IWU students will be sent communication from the Registrar’s Office upon completion of your application to enroll. This communication will include your campus Net ID, links to the registration tutorial, pin number and how to update your emergency contact information.

For IWU Students, you will use the same PIN number for summer as you do for fall 2020 registration. You must obtain this PIN number from your faculty advisor. Additional detailed information regarding registration will be sent to you at the beginning of March. 

Q: Will my credits transfer?

A: Credit transfer is determined by your home institution. You're encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office of your home institution for any questions regarding transfer.

Q: Can I use Financial Aid toward my Summer Term tuition?

A: Non-IWU-degree-seeking students are not eligible for any financial aid. While there are no IWU grants and scholarships for summer classes, an IWU-degree-seeking student who is enrolled in two units between May Term and any of the summer sessions may be eligible for Federal aid. A degree-seeking student who is only taking one unit may be eligible for PELL grant if they are PELL eligible and have not received their full PELL Grant. This could be the case for a student who may not have been enrolled as a full-time student in both the fall and spring.   



Q: Where do I send my payment? 

A: If paying by check, please include student name and IWU ID # on check. Make checks payable to Illinois Wesleyan University and mail to:

Illinois Wesleyan University
Business Office
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702

Q: Is there a fee charged to pay with my credit card? 

A: Yes, there is a convenience fee charged by the provider for this service (convenience fee subject to change). The convenience fee is not charged nor collected by IWU. 

Q: What happened to Summer Session II?

A: Due to COVID-19, Summer Session II has been cancelled. To the best extent possible, courses originally offered as part of Summer Session II have been incorporated into Summer Session I.