Summer Term

Summer Term

New in 2020, classes offered at Illinois Wesleyan during the summer allow students the opportunity to get a jump on required credits and to focus on a particular subject without the pressures of a full-semester course load. Unlike many summer programs, our courses are taught by our dedicated faculty – including winners of the top teaching prize at the University.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, all Summer Term courses will be conducted in an online format. University housing will not be provided.

(4 weeks) June 2 - June 26 
Tuesday - Friday; 3 hours/day
8 - 11 a.m.

Registration: April 6 - June 2

For students who haven't applied to IWU before, apply by Sunday, May 31 for June 2 registration deadline!

ENG 111: Latinx Fiction - FULL

FULL - registration for this course is closed

Professor of English Kathleen O'Gorman

Course Description  
This course focuses on fiction by recent and contemporary Latino/a writers in the United States. We will study styles and structures of literary texts and the ways in which they function in the service of narratives of American life, with diverse cultural elements that contribute to the experience of Latinidad.

Important note: Because the class needs to be delivered using distance learning strategies, we will study fictions of Latinidad as it is represented in film. All works are in English or have English subtitles. Possible films: Stand and Deliver; El Norte (The North); Bajo la Misma Luna (Beneath the Same Moon); Real Women Have Curves; Cesar Chavez; Dolores Huerta; Selena; Mi Familia (My Family), Coco,  or others.


Fulfills IWU General Education Requirements: 
Literature (LIT) and Encountering U.S. Diversity (U)

HUM 104: World of Ideas: The Modern Era

Professor of Hispanic Studies Carmela Ferradáns

Course Description
Important works and movements of the 19th, 20th, and the 21st Centuries in their historical and cultural context. Offered annually.

Fulfills IWU General Education Requirements: 
Intellectual Traditions (IT) and Encountering Global Diversity (G)

MATH 110: Finite Mathematics - FULL

FULL - registration for this course is closed

Associate Professor of Mathematics Dan Roberts

Course Description
Topics to be selected from solving systems of linear equations using Gaussian and Gauss-Jordan Elimination, matrix algebra, linear programming, probability, mathematics of finance, statistics, and Markov chains. Will not count toward the major or minor in mathematics.  Prerequisites: two years of high school algebra and one year of high school geometry.

Fulfills IWU General Education Requirement: 
Formal Reasoning (FR)

All Students Welcome

If you are a current IWU student, you may use your fall PIN to register.

If you are not a current IWU student, please quickly complete the standard application so that we may add you to our enrollment system.

Rising high school juniors and seniors, as well as members of the broader community are able to apply for summer term as a non-degree seeking student. Acceptance into IWU's Summer Term will  not ensure acceptance to Illinois Wesleyan University to complete a degree.  Additionally, if you plan to transfer the summer course you complete at Illinois Wesleyan University to another university, we strongly recommend consulting with your school's registrar's office about transferring credits before you register.

Once admitted, students will receive information from the Registrar with a PIN and instructions on how to register for a specific course.  


Summer tuition is $1,200. This amount is due by the first day of class.