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Summer Term

Summer Term 2024 Logo

Illinois Wesleyan is excited to continue offering summer courses for current IWU students, high school students, students from other institutions, alumni and community members!

It is possible to take one course in June and one in July; however, due to the condensed nature of the courses, we strongly recommend against attempting two courses in the same session. 


All Students Welcome

If you are a current IWU student, you may enroll for Summer using the same PIN that you used to enroll for Spring and May.

If you are not a current IWU student, please quickly complete the summer term application so that we may add you to our enrollment system.

Rising high school juniors and seniors, as well as members of the broader community are able to apply for summer term as a non-degree seeking student. Acceptance into IWU's Summer Term will  not ensure acceptance to Illinois Wesleyan University to complete a degree.  Additionally, if you plan to transfer the summer course you complete at Illinois Wesleyan University to another university, we strongly recommend consulting with your school's registrar's office about transferring credits before you register.

Once admitted, students will receive information from the Registrar with a PIN and instructions on how to register for a specific course.  



Summer tuition is $1,304 per course unit.


Auditing Courses

Select IWU Summer courses are open to non-credit-seeking auditors for an auditing fee of $326 per course.


Policies for Auditing Summer Courses

  • Auditors attend a class for personal enrichment regarding the subject.
  • Instructors decide based on content and activities whether a summer course is open to auditors. 
  • Auditors receive no credit and a grade of AU (audit).
  • Auditors need to apply as non-degree-seeking students.  
  • Once the term has begun, auditors cannot change their minds and enroll for credit.
  • Auditors are not obligated to submit assignments or take exams.
  • Instructors are not obligated to provide feedback on work voluntarily undertaken by auditors.
  • Auditors are expected to be attentive guests who follow course etiquette including any attendance policies.  An auditor who does follow course etiquette could, at the discretion of the instructor, be dropped from the course.
  • Auditors follow the instructor's guidance for how to participate in, or refrain from, various course activities.
  • Auditors avoid behaviors that could disrupt or dominate the experiences of regularly enrolled students.
  • If you are not currently an IWU student and would like to audit a course, you should apply to IWU as a non-degree-seeking student , complete the Audit Authorization form , and submit it to the IWU Registrar by email using . Auditors will be accepted into courses on a first come first served basis as space permits. Potential auditors will be notified about the availability (or not) of an auditing "seat" no later than the day before the course begins. Individuals who are  accepted as auditors will be charged the auditing fee. While we recognize that waiting to hear about a "seat" is somewhat inconvenient, this policy ensures that students who need the course for credit have first priority. We appreciate your patience.  
  • Current IWU students who wish to audit should complete the Audit Authorization form , and submit it to the IWU Registrar by email using

Becky Roesner - Associate Provost, Professor of Chemistry

Department - Associate Provost