Purpose & Responsibilities of Staff Council



To serve as a formal means for the President to:

  • Communicate University matters with staff.
  • Elicit opinions and recommendations of the staff on matters of concern to them.

To serve as a formal means for staff to communicate to the President

To recommend staff to the President or other administrators for appointment to University committees.

Serve as a facilitator for meetings between the administration and staff

To help maintain a supportive and rewarding workplace for staff.



Serve in an advisory capacity to the President.

  • The President will submit charges to Staff Council in written form.

Provide a channel for an exchange of information between the President, administrators, and staff members.

Meet with the University administration on a regular basis to discuss opinions, concerns, and recommendations, seeking through mutual agreement to achieve improvements.

Provide an opportunity to gather and share questions, concerns, and comments about general and specific University issues. To encourage collegiality and cooperation among staff and with other constituencies on campus.

Solicit and nominate staff to University committees.

Develop an understanding of University policies.