Staff Council

Formed in 2005, the Staff Council serves as an advisory body for the University administration and plays a key role in campus decision-making.  Members, both exempt and non-exempt staff, are elected by their peers from all areas of campus to rotating three-year terms. The Council annually conducts elections to fill staff vacancies on University committees*. 

Staff Council Charter

2021-2022 Staff Council Members

Michael Thompson

Bob Rogers
Campus Connect Coordinator

Carrie Hymer

Mitzi Timan
Vice Chair

Jenny Hand
Web Manager

Kara Miller
Recording Secretary

Allecia Correll
Communications Liaison

Linda Tuttle
Election Coordinator

 Michelle Wu


*Due to multiple member resignations and the inability to conduct elections during the COVID-19 pandemic, the intended term rotation and non-exempt, exempt and at-large representation is currently out-of-balance.  Staff Council will work to re-achieve this balance over the next several cycles.