Scholarly Coursework

MHIS students will enroll in four courses, including the two seminars created solely for this program. The additional two courses will be selected from a list of approved courses. However, we will allow students to enroll in only three approved MHIS courses if they need to take a course to fulfill graduation requirements.

Students will take two additional classes

Note: The list of pre-approved classes will be available to prospective MHIS students before they apply.

Experiential Learning

Student Signature Projects

Integrative Learning

In the MHIS core courses, students will further develop complex cognitive skills, such as evaluating claims made on the basis of science and/or practice, applying scholarly knowledge to real-life problems, integrating learning across multiple courses, assessing their own multicultural competencies, and reflecting on their personal development. In the context of their signature projects, students will develop critical communication and work skills such as effective listening, social-emotional coping, project planning, teamwork, documentation, presentation, and accepting feedback. In addition, MHIS travel experiences, guest speakers, and co-curricular events, will provide students with a better understanding of the mental health field and greater clarity regarding career paths. Importantly, the MHIS will provide multiple opportunities for mentoring, as students will work closely with faculty, peers, and co-curricular staff. Because mentoring opportunities in Psychology most commonly occur in faculty research labs, the MHIS will provide an important alternative avenue for mentorship.