Data on Faculty and Staff

The Offices of the President and Provost/Dean of the Faculty maintain a faculty database of information on faculty credentials, demographics, salaries, among other items. This database allows IWU to respond to national surveys on faculty compensation, such as those conducted by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) as well as to participate in special studies of the professoriate sponsored by governmental and higher education organizations. The links to the right allow access to important recent statistics about the IWU faculty.

Data on IWU staff are maintained by the IWU Human Resources Office, and one link on this page is drawn from that information. The staff database is not yet as extensive as the faculty database, but as features of interest are added, additional links on IWU staff will be added to this site.

For more information on how any of these data items are defined or compiled, contact Dr. Michael D. Thompson, Assistant Provost and Director of Institutional Effectiveness, at 309/556-3760.

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Faculty Demographics, 06-07
Faculty Demographics, 05-06
Faculty Demographics, 04-05
AAUP Faculty Salary Comparison, 05-06
AAUP Faculty Salary Comparison, 04-05
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FT Faculty Count by Highest Degree, 06-07
Staff Demographics, 06-07