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Student Learning Assessment

Are our students learning what we expect them to learn?  To what extent?  What is working in our teaching?  What curricular programs might be strengthened, or re-conceptualized?  The answers to such questions are too important to leave to intuition and conjecture.  Student learning assessment answers these questions, and guides subsequent planning, in ways that are meaningful and systematic.  Student learning assessment provides critical feedback that both encourages and challenges us.  It can confirm successes, and it can offer insights that can lead academic units to improve student learning through curricular revision and faculty development initiatives.

At Illinois Wesleyan University, meaningful and systematic student learning assessment is supported by the Assessment Committee.  The Assessment Committee focuses on assisting with the assessment process at the program level (as opposed to the level of individual classes), helping each academic unit create an environment in which assessment of student learning is done thoughtfully, thoroughly, and regularly.  Additionally, the Assessment Committee gathers student learning assessment information for internal review, as well as review by external agencies.

Use these links to review the Guidelines for the Assessment of Student Learning, the Assessment Calendar, assessment reports and access assessment forms.  Please direct inquiries about student learning assessment at IWU to Carmela Ferradans, the current chair of the Assessment Committee, at

Michael Thompson - Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Department - Institutional Effectiveness