Admissions and Enrollment Data

The Admission and Registrar's Offices keep detailed statistics on the demographic characteristics of IWU applicants and enrolled students, including study-abroad participation.  The links to the right offer several exhibits on these topics.

For more information on how any of these data items are defined or compiled, contact Dr. Michael D. Thompson, Assistant Provost and Director of Institutional Effectiveness, at 309/556-3760.

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Acceptance and Yield Trends
ACT Trends
ALANA Student Enrollment Over Time
Race/Ethnicity of ALANA Students
ALANA and International Enrollment Over Time
ALANA Enrollment among First Year Students
Ethnicity of First-Year Students
Study Abroad Participation Over Time
Study Abroad by Major, 2000-2007
Study Abroad by Destination, 2000-2007
States and Countries of Residence for Fall 2006 Students