Humanities Minor

A Humanities minor helps students appreciate the value of languages, literatures, philosophy, religion, history, and art to all human pursuits. Students who minor in the Humanities will develop their critical and creative thinking skills, learn how to communicate in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes; and gain a deeper understanding of the traditions and innovations that shape human thought and achievement in all fields. Minors are particularly encouraged to meet regularly with their designated Humanities mentor (assigned by the coordinator of the Humanities program) to discuss values and skills acquired in the minor, how courses overlap and differ within the minor, how they relate to the student’s major, and how the skills and knowledge acquired in the minor can enhance opportunities as a student prepares for graduate school and/or the job market.

Minor Sequence in Humanities

A minimum of six courses selected from Art History, English, French, German, Greek and Roman Studies, Hispanic Studies, History, Humanities, Italian, Japanese, Music History, Philosophy, Religion, Russian, and Theatre History.

1) Two courses from the World of Ideas sequence: HUM 101, 102, 103, and 104.

2) Three courses from the following programs: English, French, German, Greek and Roman Studies, Hispanic Studies, Humanities, Italian, Japanese, Philosophy, Religion, and Russian. (See complete list of approved courses


3) One from the following programs: Art History, History, Literature and Culture, Music, Theatre, English, French, German, Greek and Roman Studies, Hispanic Studies, Humanities, Italian, Japanese, Philosophy, Religion, and

4) Two courses must be at the 300-level or above.

5) No more than one independent study may count toward theHumanities minor.

Courses approved for the Humanites minor:

Art History

ART 115: Introduction to Art History (AR)
ART 116: Survey of Asian Art (AR, G)
ART 316: European Art, 1450-1900 (AR)
ART 320: Modern Art (AR)
ART 322: Contemporary Art (AR, G)
ART 370: Special Topics in Art History


ENGL 109: Slamming, Jamming, Understanding: Poetry through Performance (LIT)
ENGL 110: The Short Story (LIT)
ENGL 115: Science Fiction (LIT)
ENGL 116: Travellers and Travel Liars (LIT)
ENGL 117: I love a Mystery (LIT)


FREN 303: Introduction to Literature 1: The Individual and Society (LIT)
FREN 304: Introduction to Literature 1I: Ideals of Love (LIT)
FREN 312: French Cinema (CSI, G)
FREN 315: French Civilization I: Roman Gaul to the Renaissnce (CHC)
FREN 316: French Civilization II: Renaissance to Revolution (CHC)
FREN 317: French Civilization III: France since the Revolution (CHC,G)
FREN 318: French Civilization IV: The Francophone World (CHC, G)
FREN 370: Special Topics
FREN 405: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature (LIT)
FREN 406: Studies in Seventeenth and Eighteeth-Century Literature (LIT)
FREN 407: Studies in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Literature (LIT)
FREN 408: Studies in Francophone Literature (LIT, G)
FREN 499: Independent Study
LC 125: Special Topics in French Literature in Translation (LIT)


GER 230: German for Human Rights (AV)
GER 312: Introduction to German Literature (LIT)
GER 340: Deutsche Romantik (IT)
GER 370: Special Topics in German Studies
GER 387: Revolutionares Drama (LIT)
GER 418: Deutsche Kultur Seit 1945 (CHC)
GER 488: Von Demokratie zur Diktatur (LIT)
GER 499: Independent Study
LC 112: German Romanticism (IT)
LC 115: Special Topics in German Literature in Translation (LIT)
LC 116: German Postwar Cinema (AR, G)
LC 272: From Utopia to Science Fiction: Imagining the Future in Russia and Germany (IT)

Greek and Roman Studies

GRK 399: Independent Study
GRS 210: Greek Myth and the Hero (IT)
GRS 211: Mastering Space and Time in Pre-Modern Mathematics (IT)
GRS 212: Greek Drama and Society (IT)
GRS 214: Greek and Roman Comedy (LIT)
GRS 270/370: Special Topics
GRS 277: Greek/Latin Literature in Translation (LIT)
GRS 307: The Art and Archaeology of Greek Myth (AR) (cross listed with ART 307)
GRS 309: Greek Art From Homer to Alexander (AR) (cross listed with ART 309 and HIST 309)
GRS 311: Art and Architecture in the Roman World (AR) (cross listed with
ART 311 and HIST 311)
GRS 312: Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece and Rome (CHC, W)
GRS 318: Blood Rites and Mystery Cults (CHC) (cross listed with HIST 318 and REL 318)
GRS 499: Independent Study (W)
LAT 399: Independent Study

Hispanic Studies

SPAN 240: Spanish for Social Justice (U)
SPAN 307: Reading and Writing Culture (W, G)
SPAN 308: Introduction to Literature (LIT, G)
SPAN 314: Iberian Culture and Civilization (CHC)
SPAN 316: Latin American Culture and Civilization (CHC)
SPAN 360: Studies in Media and Film (AR, G)
SPAN 418: Modern Spanish Literature (LIT)
SPAN 478: Latin American Literature: Short Narrative and Essay (LIT)
SPAN 499: Independent Study
LC 135: Special Topics in Hispanic Literature in Translation (LIT)


HIST 100: Introduction to Chinese History (CHC, G)
HIST 101: Introduction to Japanese History (CHC, G)
HIST 120: The Ancient and Medieval West (CHC)
HIST 121: Renaissance Reformation and Revolution (CHC)
HIST 122: Modern Global History (CHC, G)
HIST 123: Revolutionary England (CHC)
HIST 144: Gilded Age: 1865-1900 (CHC, U)
HIST 151: The United States (CHC, U)
HIST 152: The United States (CHC, U)
HIST 153: The First Progressives, U.S. (CHC, U)
HIST 154: Film and History, U.S. (CHC, U)
HIST 160: Latin America (CHC, G)
HIST 170: Studies in History
HIST 202: World War II in the Pacific (CHC)
HIST 210: Emperors and Revolutionaries: Chinese History Through Travel
HIST 212: Ancient Greece (CHC)
HIST 214: Ancient Rome (CHC)
HIST 219: Oracles and Empires in Ancient Colonization (CHC, W)
HIST 221: The Holocaust (CHC)
HIST 223: The Two World Wars
HIST 224: Century of Genius (IT)
HIST 225: The Enlightenment (IT)
HIST 241: The Great Depression in the United States (CHC, U)
HIST 242: Colonial America (CHC, U)
HIST 244: Women and the American Experience (CHC, U)
HIST 245: Individualism and Community in American History (AV, W)
HIST 246: “By Force, By Famine, and By Fabled Story”: Irish Emigration to the U.S. (CHC)
HIST 247: American West (CHC, U)
HIST 248/ENST 261: American Environmental History (CHC)
HIST 249: Growing Up in America (CHC, U)
HIST 250: Special Project
HIST 251: The Vietnam Wars (CHC)
HIST 252: The Sixties: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll? (CHC, U)
HIST 253: The Beatles and Their World (CHC, U)
HIST 254: American Capitalism to 1900 (CHC, U)
HIST 257: Promised Lands: A Cultural and Literary History of the Great Migration, 1917-1970
HIST 260: Spanish North America (CHC, G)
HIST 270: Studies in History
HIST 300: The Chinese Revolution (CHC, G)
HIST 301: Modern Japan, 1800-Present (CHC, G)
HIST 303: Seminar in Asian Studies (CHC, G)
HIST 309: Greek Art From Homer to Alexander (AR)
HIST 311: Art and Architecture of the Roman World (AR)
HIST 316: The World of Alexander The Great (CHC)
HIST 318: Blood Rites and Mystery Cults (CHC)
HIST 322: Love and Death in Freud’s Vienna
HIST 323: Sex, Gender, and Power Under King James (CHC)
HIST 325: Modern Germany
HIST 326: Modern Russia/Soviet Union
HIST 343: United States Immigration History (CHC, U)
HIST 350: Women, Work and Leisure, 1890-1930 (CHC, U)
HIST 351: Modern America, 1900-1945 (CHC, U)
HIST 352: Recent United States (CHC, U)
HIST 353: History of United States Foreign Relations (CHC)
HIST 354: History of United States Foreign Relations (CHC)
HIST 360: Modern Brazil, 1825-Present
HIST 361: Central America and the Caribbean (CHC, G)
HIST 370: Studies in History
HIST 380: Emperors and Revolutionaries: Chinese History Through Travel


HUM 270: Special Topics in the Humanities
HUM 370: Special Topics in the Humanities


ITAL 399: Independent Study
LC 165: Special Topics in Italian Literature in Translation (LIT)
LC 260: Italian Cinema
LC 265: Renaissance Italy (LIT)


JPN 310: Studies in Literature and Humanities (to be taken abroad)
JPN 311: Studies in Social Science (to be taken abroad)
JPN 306/LC 106: Japanese Studies Through Popular Culture (CHC, G)
LC 105: Special Topics in Japanese Literature in Translation (LIT)
LC 202/JPN 202: From Atom to Akira: Japan’s Pop Culture (LIT, G)
LC 205: Language and Culture in Japan (CSI, G)
LC207: Language and Gender: U.S. and Japan (CSI, G)
LC 303/JPN 303: Blades, Bows, and Boshido: The Samurai in Context (CHC, G)
LC 304: Cross-Cultural Communications: U.S. and Japan (AV, G)
LC 308: Japanese Way of Life: Traditions and Changes (IT, G)
Literature and Culture in English Translation
LC 110: Playing Revolution (LIT)
LC 170: Special Topics
LC 207: Language and Gender (CSI, G)
LC 224: Cultural Questions and Contexts in African Film, 1960-Present (LIT, G)
LC 242: Strangers in Their Own Home: Yiddish Culture of Eastern Europe (IT, G)
LC 247: Fairy Tales of the 20th Century (AV)
LC 270: Special Topics
LC 273: Standing in the Shadows: Global Film Noir (AR)
LC 274: The Superwoman of Central European Fiction and Film (CHC, G, W)
LC 370: Special Topics
LC 377: Studies in Comparative Literature
LC 380: Introduction to Literary Theory


MUS 164: The Gourmet Listener (AR)


PHIL 102: Introduction to Symbolic Logic (FR)
PHIL 103: Mind and World (IT)
PHIL 105: Rights and Wrongs (AV)
PHIL 106: God and Science (IT)
PHIL 107: Introduction to the Philosophy of Natural Science (IT)
PHIL 170: Special Topics
PHIL 204: Introduction to Ethical Theory (AV)
PHIL 205: What is Law? (AV, W)
PHIL 209: Philosophy of Religion (IT)
PHIL 213: Business Ethics (AV)
PHIL 214: Philosophy of Education (AV)
PHIL 224: Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy (AV)
PHIL 225: Medical Ethics (AV)
PHIL 230: Philosophy of Feminism (AV, U)
PHIL 232: Philosophy of Race (U, W)
PHIL 268: Hume’s Philosophy of Religion (IT, W)
PHIL 270: Special Topics
PHIL 300: Biology and Ethics (AV, W)
PHIL 302: Ethics and the Environment
PHIL 304: Ethical Theory (AV)
PHIL 305: Philosophy of Law (AV)
PHIL 307: Philosophy of Natural Science (IT, W)
PHIL 308: History of Ancient Philosophy (IT)
PHIL 309: History of Modern Philosophy (IT)
PHIL 310: Social and Political Philosophy (IT, W)
PHIL 311: Philosophy of the Mind (IT, W)
PHIL 340: Philosophy of Language (W)
PHIL 350: Knowledge, Belief, and Society (W)
PHIL 351: Metaphysics (W)
PHIL 351: Major Philosophers or Philosophical Movements (IT, W)
PHIL 356: Contemporary Ethics (AV, W)
PHIL 360: Advanced Symbolic Logic
PHIL 370: Special Topics
PHIL 380/381: Independent Study in Philosophy


REL 102: Introduction to Religious Thought (AV)
REL 104: Introduction to Myths and Rituals (CSI, G)
REL 106: Women, Religion, and Spirituality (CSI, G)
REL 110: Religions of the World (CSI, G)
REL 120: Introduction to Biblical Studies (IT)
REL 123: Jesus at the Movies (AR)
REL 130: Asian Religious Literature (LIT, G)
REL 131: Chinese Religions (CHC, G)
REL 132: Asian Religious Practice (CSI, G)
REL 133: Islam in the Modern World (CHC, G)
REL 135: Zen (CHC)
REL 170: Special Topics
REL 204: Native American and African Religions (CSI, G, W)
REL 209: Myth, Image, and Symbol in South Asian Religion (AR, G)
REL 210: Greek Myth and the Hero (IT) (cross-listed with GRS 210)
REL 221: The World of Jesus (CHC, W)
REL 231: Cults, Divination and Popular Religions in East Asian Societies (CHC)
REL 232: Hindus and Christians (IT, G)
REL 241: Modern Religious Thought (IT)
REL 242: Philosophers Read the Bible (IT, W)
REL 246: Who is (not) a Jew? (IT)
REL 270: Special Topics
REL 290: Interpreting Religious Experience (IT, W)
REL 291: Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (CSI, W)
REL 292: Religion in Contemporary Japan (CSI, W)
REL 294: Jesus and the Gospels (IT)
REL 295: The Problem of Interpretation in Buddhism (IT)
REL 304: Latin American Religions (CHC, G, W)
REL 307: Voodoo, Santeria, and Candomble (CSI, G)
REL 309: Imagining Modern India (IT, G)
REL 310: Cults in America (CSI, U)
REL 318: Blood Rites and Mystery Cults (CHC)
REL 321: Angels and Demons in Biblical Literature (IT)
REL 322: Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman World (CHC)
REL 323: Christian Controversies and Creeds (IT, W)
REL 324: Sexuality and Christianity (AV)
REL 325: Lost Books of the Bible (IT, W)
REL 330: Buddhism in India and Tibet (CHC, G)
REL 331: Buddhism in East Asia (IT)
REL 332: The Hindu Religious Tradition (CHC, G)
REL 333: Islam from Mecca to Malcolm X (CHC, G)
REL 334: Reading Hindu Texts (LIT)
REL 335: Reading Buddhist Texts (LIT, W)
REL 336: The World of Thought in Ancient China (IT)
REL 337: Encountering Religious Diversity (CSI, G)
REL 341: Religious Tolerance and Pluralism (AV)
REL 342: Judaism Through the Ages (IT, W)
REL 343: American Jewish Thought (IT)
REL 370: Advanced Topics in Religion
REL 450: Independent Study


RUSS 499: Independent Study
LC 145: Special Topics in Russian Literature in Translation (LIT)
LC 245: Russian Culture and Society Through Film (CHC, G)
LC 250: Dangerous Texts: Russian Literature and Politics (LIT, G)
LC 347: The Moral Impulse in Russian Culture: Reading Leo Tolstoy (AV)
LC 350: Terrible Perfection: Women in Russian Literature and Film (LIT, G)


THEA 241: Introduction to Dramatic Literature (AR, W)
THEA 378: Costume History (AR)