Humanities Courses

The interdisciplinary Humanities program courses include the 100-level courses in the World of Ideas sequence, the FYE Humanities First Year Fellows seminar, as well as upper-level special topics courses.

World of Ideas Sequence

These courses are intended to increase students’ awareness of basic human values—intellectual, social, literary, historical, ethical, and artistic—through an examination of the works and movements throughout history that both shaped and were shaped by Western Thought.  Attention is given to male and female voices that have accepted or rejected values and assumptions of their time.

The courses move chronologically from antiquity to the present, but each course may be taken independently.  Literature, art, film, music, and philosophy are examined in their cultural and historical contexts.  Courses combine discussion and lecture with an emphasis on the development of writing skills and both critical and creative thinking.  Students are encouraged to enroll in their freshman or sophomore year.

 First Year Humanities Fellows Seminar


Special Topics