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Interiors (large photos)

Wilder Guest House Interiors


Wilder House Living Room

Wilder House Living Room

Wilder House Kitchen

Wilder House Dining Room


Room 101 (single)

Furnished with a twin bed, nightstand, vanity/dresser, chair and ceiling fan.

Room 101 Room 101

Room 102 (double)

Furnished with one queen bed in a French Provincial style, 102 offers a nightstand, vanity, dresser and ceiling fan.

Room 102

Room 201 (double)

Furnished with two twin beds, a nightstand, a vanity/dresser, a chair and a table with lamp.

Room 201 Room 201

Room 202 (double)

Decorated in shades of blue, and furnished with one queen bed, two nightstands, dresser, vanity/dresser, chair, table, ceiling fan.  

Room 202

Room 203 (double)

Decorated in burgundy, and furnished with a double bed, nightstand, dresser, chair, and ceiling fan.

Room 202

Room 204 (single)

Furnished with one twin bed, a vanity/dresser and a chair.

Room 204

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