Disability Services

About Disability Services at IWU

Illinois Wesleyan University is committed to providing equal access to all campus programs, opportunities, and activities for students with disabilities.  Determination of eligibility for reasonable accommodations and/or auxiliary aids is based on documentation received from qualified professionals. Documentation provided to Disability Services is considered private and will be used for the expressed purpose of establishing protection under the law, determining appropriate accommodations, and ensuring the effective implementation of those accommodations. All provided information will be protected against misuse by others.

Disability Services secures and maintains documentation of disabilities, as well as determines reasonable accommodations.  The Coordinator of Disability Services collaborates with the student, faculty, and staff to facilitate and implement reasonable accommodations and/or provide needed auxiliary aids.  

Students are responsible for identifying themselves to Disability Services, for providing relevant documentation, and for requesting accommodations each semester.  Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to contact the office as soon as they are admitted to the University.

Self-advocacy is highly encouraged for students with disabilities as they progress through their collegiate experience.

General Information

Process for Obtaining Academic Accommodations
Housing/Meal Plan Accommodations Information

Assistive Services at Ames Library
Service Animal Policy Statement
Emotional Support Animal Policy Statement

Forms to be completed by a qualified professional

ADHD Verification
Deafness or Hearing Loss Verification
Emotional Support Animal Verification
Learning Disability Verification
Medical, Physical, Visual Disability Verification
Psychological Disability Verification
Temporary Medical Condition Verification

Forms to be completed by the student

Request for Academic Accommodation and Faculty Notification
Textbook Proof of Purchase Agreement (if applicable)

Exam Proctoring

Disability Services has space and proctoring staff available for students requiring extended time or a reduced-distraction environment when taking exams based on eligible accommodations under the American Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990).  The student is responsible for working with his/her professor to have the Exam Proctoring Form completed. We request the submission of this form to Disability Services (via email, fax or campus mail) at least 2 business days before the exam is to be proctored.

Exam Proctoring Form (to be completed by the student and faculty member)
Exam Proctoring Agreement (to be completed by the student)

Contact Information

Disability Services
Chandra M. Shipley, M.S.Ed., Director of Academic Advising & Coordinator of Disability Services
Illinois Wesleyan University
110 Holmes Hall
PO Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702-2900