Graduation with Research Honors

Name, subject Research title, advisor
Kyle Barkmeier, Computer Science Limits of Diagonalization and the Polynomial Hierarchy
Project Advisor: Hans-Jorg Tiede
Adam Betz, Philosophy The Role of Fault in Defensive Killing
Project Advisor: Charlotte Brown
Deborah Boersma, Music Integration of Women into the Flute Section of Orchestras from 1950 to the Present
Project Advisor: William R. West
Austin J. Buscher, Religion Who's In Charge? An Examination of Societal Impacts on Gender Roles in American and English Witchcraft
Project Advisor: Carole Myscofski
Jennifer C. Dawson, Economics The Effect of Oil Prices on Exchange Rates: A Case Study of the Dominican Republic
Project Advisor: Diego Mendez-Carbajo
Kathleen E. Frawley, Economics The Effects of 9/11 on the Fire Fighter Labor Market
Project Advisor: Michael C. Seeborg
Michael J. Friedman, Anthropology The Evolution of Hominid Bipedalism
Project Advisor: Charles Springwood
Daniel H. Garrette, Computer Science Unsupervised Learning to Improve Anomaly Detection
Project Advisor: Jinqiao Yu
Melissa Giegerich, Nursing A Survey of Foreign-educated Nurses: Workforce Experience
Project Advisor: Sharie A. Metcalfe
Adam M. Gray, Economics Effects of the Federal Income Tax Structure and Social Security on the Changing US Family Composition
Project Advisor: Robert M. Leekley
Sherri Haas, Economics Economic Development and the Gender Wage Gap
Project Advisor: Michael C. Seeborg
Rebecca L. Hahn, Nursing Detecting Suicide Risk in Adolescents in an Emergency Department: An Implementation Study
Project Advisor: Victoria N. Folse
John Haugen, Economics Team Success and Personnel Allocation under the National Football League Salary Cap
Project Advisor: Robert M. Leekley
Lindsay M. Hawley, History Out of the Movement and on to Today: The Contemporary Impact of the Students for a Democratic Society
Project Advisor: April R. Schultz
Andrew Heikes, Risk Management The Pricing Effects of European Union Insurance Liberalization on Italian Motor Insurance
Project Advisor: Jin Park
Adrienne Ingrum, Economics High School Dropout Determinants: The Effect of Socioeconomic Status and Learning Disabilities
Project Advisor: Michael C. Seeborg
Sarah Janota, Psychology Social Interactions of Siblings of Children with Autism: A Pilot Experiment
Project Advisor: Linda J. Kunce
Keyona Jarrett, Psychology The Relationship between Gay-Related Stress and Ethnicity for Homosexual and Bisexual Males
Project Advisor: Joseph Williams
Brittany Kirkpatrick, Economics The Gender Wage Ratio: Does it Differ Between Races?
Project Advisor: Michael C. Seeborg
Amy E. Kowalski, Psychology Intuition Versus Analysis -- Which Process is Most Appropriate for Solving Everyday Problems with Differing Levels of Social Content and Complexity?
Project Advisor: Jean Pretz
Catherine Krahe, Biology The Development and Structure of Feeding Arms In Antarctic Species of pterobranchs (Pterobranchia, Hemichordata)
Project Advisor: Elizabeth J. Balser
Philip J. Krawchuk, Music The Question of 1 'C in the Symphonic Double Bass Writing of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
Project Advisor: Stephen Press
Heather Kwoka, Psychology The Development of Perfectionism among Adolescents: Comparing the Influence of Friends and Parents
Project Advisor: David Hibbard
Jennifer LaBrenz, Religion The Gospel of Thomas and the Historical Jesus
Project Advisor: April DeConick
Jessica S. Lothman, Sociology Serving Sophomore Students
Project Advisor: Georganne Rundblad
Melissa McCandless, Psychology Conflict in Adolescent Friendships Across Cultures: Indonesia, South Korea and the United States
Project Advisor: Doran French
Meghan E. McGrady, Psychology Emotional Knowledge Development in Preschoolers Receiving Head Start Services
Project Advisor: Gail E. Walton
Molly M. McLay, English and I will open and close my petals
Project Advisor: Michael Theune
Bridget O'Connor, English "Spirit of Health" and "Goblin Damned": The Ghost of King Hamlet as a Symbol for the Religious Ambivalence in England during the Religious Reformation
Project Advisor: Mary Ann Bushman
Debo Olaosebikan, Physics Current Induced Domain Wall Transitions
Project Advisor: Narendra K. Jaggi
Natalie A. Pawluk, Psychology An Evaluation of Envy within Adolescent Friendships
Project Advisor: Doran French
Erie M. Roberts, History The Cult of Millennial Motherhood and the Rhetoric of Female Reform: Domesticity, the Millennium, and Gender Constructions in Antebellum America
Project Advisor: Paul E. Bushnell
Adam F. Turk, Economics The Effect of Financial Ratios and Market Hype on Short Term Stock Prices
Project Advisor: Margaret L. Chapman
Joshua S. Wagener, Anthropology "Loss of Estrus" and Concealed Ovulation in Human Evolution: A Reevaluation
Project Advisor: Charles Springwood
Ashley Whittington, Psychology The Perceived Attractiveness of Adult Facial Prototypes
Project Advisor: Gail E. Walton
Elizabeth H. Williams, Theatre Arts "Quartet:" Dissecting A Story
Project Advisor: Sara E. Freeman