2018 Commencement Honors

Award – Recognition Recipient
The Hope Ellen Pape President's Club Award in the Fine Arts – outstanding accomplishment in Art or Music or Theatre Arts Cadence Lamb
The Annabelle Scrogin Anderson '36 Award – distinguished achievement in multiple fields of study Maria Theresa Hanna
The John L. Clark Award in Literary Studies – outstanding academic performance, particularly in historical and theory courses, and evidenced by scholarly ability and participation in the creative activities of the School of Theatre Arts Elizabeth Zabit
The Nikki Kaye Pape President's Club Award for Excellence in Writing – the best selection of writing prepared during the academic year Grace McGovern
The Professor David Bailey Prize in Chemistry – outstanding achievement in the field of analytical chemistry Veena Ramachandra Hamill
The Harold C. Hodge President's Club Award in Natural Sciences and Mathematics – outstanding achievement in the natural sciences and mathematics Meghan Louise Linder
The Donald R. Koehn Memorial Award – outstanding achievement in the humanities Cayley Jaclyn Rydzinski
The Robert S. Eckley President's Club Award in Social Science – outstanding achievement in the social sciences Hsin-Jou Chang
The Caroline F. Rupert Nursing Award – outstanding work during four years of undergraduate study in nursing Siobhan Bridget Geraghty
The Katherine Riedelbauch Baker Music Award – superiority in general musicianship, including theoretical and historical fields Jacob Taitel
The Hester Merwin Ayers Art Achievement Award – outstanding achievement during four years of undergraduate study in art Linh Chi "Ania" Bui
The William T. Beadles Award for Exceptional Achievement in Business Administration – exceptional scholarly accomplishments and professional promise Jennifer Hart
The Phi Kappa Phi IWU Chapter Award – an outstanding senior student member with exceptional promise for graduate or professional study Maisy Dene Henderson Bowden
The Jack C. Fields Prize for Excellence in Accounting – exceptional achievement in the study of accounting Rebekah Marie Ehresman
The Larry Shue Drama Award – outstanding potential as a professional artist of the theatre Megan Lynn Sperger