Commencement 2012 Photo Gallery

Photos by Marc Featherly and Carlos Miranda.

New Gallery 100 100 false 439b6080-9e53-4309-81d6-943946d5b37e.jpeg 12-commencement-026.jpg 100 66 Rachel Carreras and Stefan Riley sing a duet at Saturday's Senior Gala. 4dab28ef-2480-4d55-b4f9-8ca7feda5531.jpeg 12-commencement-025.jpg 100 66 Ian Coulter-Buford sings "Defying Gravity" at the Senior Gala. a4baba81-9f50-4fbd-a87d-d33cb2c95df3.jpeg 12-commencement-024.jpg 100 85 Kathy Risden adjusts the hood for daughter Kate before the ceremony. c616aa19-f971-4f93-9858-c3a8c6d0237b.jpeg 12-commencement-023.jpg 100 64 Seniors pose for pictures before the processional. a45c247f-eb41-4d61-b6e3-f408fa4f438b.jpeg 12-commencement-022.jpg 66 100 Natalia Hernandez makes a last-minute alteration on her brother, Jaun's, gown. 71eaeb62-5d17-477a-907a-d24f5b815547.jpeg 12-commencement-021.jpg 100 66 The Class of 2012 assembled in the Shirk Center. 17bc4382-212a-42c2-90c2-e65902591aed.jpeg 12-commencement-020.jpg 59 100 Faculty and administrators march in the processional. e7e44b42-911f-4ffb-aba7-563acfafb363.jpeg 12-commencement-019.jpg 100 81 The Class of 2012 pauses for the processional. 53a5119a-1f53-4489-a40f-9f6dd6addd61.jpeg 12-commencement-018.jpg 100 67 Anne Freeman gets a shot of her daughter, Hannah, during the processional. 8ba8f4af-7053-465a-9556-4ccc1c5d6d51.jpeg 12-commencement-017.jpg 100 91 P. J. Cummings smiles for his family. c8216236-005d-473d-888d-ba044964afef.jpeg 12-commencement-016.jpg 100 76 President Richard F. Wilson reminds the class of his dance performance at the Senior Dinner. 39fd58d4-98fb-46a9-b7dc-fd81eb8afaac.jpeg 12-commencement-015.jpg 66 100 Board of Trustees Chairman George Vinyard '71 greets the Class of 2012. fa9b5307-55db-4e7c-841c-0d42dc02b152.jpeg 12-commencement-014.jpg 100 84 Class President Kathryn Breisch addresses her classmates. 7b3a965a-e9e9-4e84-abea-eaa77b5ea55f.jpeg 12-commencement-013.jpg 66 100 Student Senate Professor of the Year Greg Shaw, professor of political science, urged graduates to have courage and creativity. 2d549a77-8b98-49ee-9ee8-d589a161e49a.jpeg 12-commencement-012.jpg 100 85 Professor David Vayo is invested with the Fern Rosetta Sherff Professorship in Music by Board of Trustees Chairman George Vinyard '71. 521f1b00-e6af-4d62-a8b4-74dd98537691.jpeg 12-commencement-011.jpg 100 81 Speaker Awadagin Pratt receives the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Board of Trustees Chairman George Vinyard '71. f77ae2b0-de83-4547-bed4-7321f047ee03.jpeg 12-commencement-010.jpg 66 100 Awadagin Pratt gave the address, "working title." b194441e-aca9-4387-92b7-39f495a69bd1.jpeg 12-commencement-009.jpg 100 70 The first graduate to cross the stage, Miaad Abdulrehman, touches the traditional pineapple and waves to the crowd. 4e9c5041-bc6d-441f-b6f2-8f3cb88e91c5.jpeg 12-commencement-008.jpg 100 66 President Richard F. Wilson hands a diploma to Matt Feagley. 53888e0b-caff-4b0e-9545-27649d18877c.jpeg 12-commencement-007.jpg 100 76 Eliud Gonzolez celebrates after receiving his diploma. 7e8561c4-ebd8-4a82-a07f-851644fee66c.jpeg 12-commencement-006.jpg 100 68 The quote "Mischief Managed" from Harry Potter appeared on several mortar boards. 1e8e74da-0453-4501-b09c-3db059eb7067.jpeg 12-commencement-005.jpg 100 66 Graduates cross the stage to accept their diplomas. 7360a870-9648-45e5-bbe5-d67437e48105.jpeg 12-commencement-004.jpg 96 100 Sam Patel gets warm congratulations after the ceremony. 70aace41-0e3d-4811-8acc-801bd45c2049.jpeg 12-commencement-003.jpg 100 95 Sharon Lustick, '74 alumna, eats the traditional strawberries and scones with her son, Max Lustick. a16af2b6-45d5-489f-b63d-495eea769428.jpeg 12-commencement-002.jpg 100 88 Velma Dexter gives her grandson Jonathan Smith a congratulatory kiss after the ceremony. 34b62816-3614-435a-a8f7-5ca5b8809a36.jpeg 12-commencement-001.jpg 60 100 Steve Lessaris swings Colin Schofield in celebration.