2011 Commencement Honors

Commencement Program Listing All Graduates, National Honor Societies and Academic Distinctions (pdf)

Nicholas William Reinhart The Hope Ellen Pape President's Club Award in the Fine Arts
Karina Brigid Grace The Annabelle Scrogin Anderson '36 Award
Gwenlyn Ines Robinson The John L. Clark Award in Literary Studies
Brandon Scherer Dorn The Nikki Kaye Pape President's Club Award for Excellence in Writing
Jeremy John Henle The Professor David Bailey Prize in Chemistry
Ryan M. Goetz The Harold C. Hodge President's Club Award in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Brandon Scherer Dorn The Donald R. Koehn Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities
Chao Ren The Robert S. Eckley President's Club Award in Social Science
Miranda Jane Kennedy The Caroline F. Rupert Nursing Award
Emily Katherine Hopkins The Katherine Riedelbauch Baker Music Award
Jamie Hannah Kang The Hester Merwin Ayers Art Achievement Award
Eli Justin Williams The William T. Beadles Award for Exceptional Achievement in BusinessAdministration
Brittany Nicole Kiefer The Jack C. Fields Prize for Excellence in Accounting
Brooke Ann Trantor The Larry Shue Drama Award