Closing Remarks

May 2, 2010, Commencement

Richard F. Wilson

In a moment, we will rise and sing together the Alma Mater.  With several years of practice, our expectations are high that you will know the words -- but just to be safe we have printed them in your program.

Following the Alma Mater, Chaplain Luckie will give the benediction and then we will adjourn to the graduation tradition of strawberries and scones. 

I would also like to remind you that an easy way to see specific faculty members following this ceremony is to locate the departmental signs that are scattered around the quad.  There is a map of departmental locations in the back of your program.

Before this ceremony is complete, however, I want you to know that it has been a great personal privilege to serve as your president during your time on campus.  I have come to appreciate the many special talents and skills represented in this class: 

• Your intellect and your passion,

• Your creativity and your enthusiasm,

• Your spirit and your determination. 

We know you have spent much time preparing yourselves intellectually and commend you for that effort.  We also hope you are leaving with greater understanding and sensitivity to several very important values:  social justice; global literacy; ethical decision making; environmental sustainability; civic leadership; and community engagement.

I lift my hat to the Class of 2010 and offer one final admonition:

• Search for what is true,

• Embrace what you find inspiring,

• Commit to making a difference.

Congratulations and good luck.