The Associate Provost’s Office provides support for the academic work of faculty and students. As Associate Provost, Frank Boyd provides support for IWU's campus-wide undergraduate research programs and provides support for the provost on budgeting and staffing issues.  Pat Neustel coordinates the work of the Associate Provost’s Office and collaborates with the University Registrar on the editing of the IWU Catalog. 

Undergraduate Research

John Wesley Powell Research Conference. Each spring students present their research or artistic work at the John Wesley Powell Undergraduate Research Conference. Students can apply to present their work regardless of their class standing, which means that seniors and juniors are often joined by students in their first or second years at IWU.  More information on the conference, including guidelines for participation, can be found at the John Wesley Powell Research Conference home page.

Honors Research . The Research Honors Program provides an opportunity for qualified seniors to engage in a significant research project under the guidance of a faculty advisor.  Early in their senior year, students submit an application to conduct honors research to the Associate Provost’s office.  That application includes an abstract of the research project and the approval of the faculty who will serve on their honors committee. 

Post-baccalaureate Fellowships.

The Associate Provost’s Office provides support for students who apply for post-baccalaureate fellowships.  These fellowships can be very competitive and students are encouraged to explore the variety of options available to them early in their career at IWU. The most successful student applicants begin thinking about the application process early in their sophomore year, whether students are interested in applying for a Rhodes scholarship, a Truman scholarship, the Marshall Fellowship, or other post baccalaureate awards.  Information on many of these opportunities can be found here, and please contact the Associate Provost's Office for additional information on how to apply.

Institutional Review Board/IACUC

The Associate Provost's office also provides support for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Faculty members engaged in research that involves human subjects must obtain approval from the IRB and can find information on protocols and submission procedures on the  IRB website. Likewise, students and faculty whose research requires the use of animals must submit their research protocols to IACUC for review and approval. The IACUC Protocol Form has detailed information for submitting a protocol.  For questions regarding research in either of these areas please call the associate Provost's office at 556-3255.

Research and Assessment Reports

The Associate Provost prepares the annual Ratios Report and other analysis that supports the faculty's work.  These reports are provided to the provost, CUPP, department chairs/school directors, and are available to all faculty for review. These reports can be found here