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Majors and Minors Fair

Majors and Minors Fair

The Majors and Minors Fair is a joint venture between the Hart Career Center and the Office of Academic Advising.  The primary goal of the Fair is to give students the opportunity to learn more about the available majors and/or minors within an academic discipline and to converse with associated faculty and upper class students. The secondary goal is to provide academic departments with the opportunity to showcase and promote their discipline to students.



What students have told us about their experience at the Majors and Minors Fair:

"I learned about an amazing foreign study and an amazing internship opportunity."

"Effective fair--helped answer a lot of questions."

"I learned about careers I could get with different majors and now I feel as if I am on a better path."

"Reps were very willing to talk and answer all questions, no matter how long it took."


Shari Rich - Director of Academic Advising

Department - Academic Advising