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About Academic Advising


The Office of Academic Advising promotes quality and effective academic advising by serving as a readily accessible resource on all aspects of academic advising for the Illinois Wesleyan University community.


  • Develop a comprehensive and coordinated advising program that supports the distinct nature of academic advising at IWU in the context of a liberal arts educational experience.
  • Promote the academic success and progress of students at IWU by providing appropriate developmental academic advising.
  • Engage faculty in their academic advising and mentoring roles with students by providing professional development opportunities.
  • Support faculty advisors in their efforts to assist students in developing meaningful educational plans consistent with their personal, academic, and career goals.
  • Create a holistic advising experience by collaborating with campus resources.
  • Facilitate the mutual understanding of the distinct roles, responsibilities, and expectations of students and faculty in the advising relationship.

Academic Advising at IWU


Illinois Wesleyan University recognizes the importance of academic advising as a critical aspect of the undergraduate educational experience for students.  Academic advising is a continual process whereby faculty advisors provide developmental academic support and guidance for students throughout their college career.  Advisors help students learn responsibility and accountability for their academic progress and success while building a mutual respect and mentoring relationship with them.  Academic advising assists students in developing an educational plan consistent with their values, personal goals, and professional aspirations and fully exposes students to potential academic and co-curricular opportunities.

Goals include helping students:

  • Identify their strengths, abilities, interests, and values;
  • Clarify their personal and professional, short and long term goals;
  • Learn about the major exploration process;
  • Identify the programs of study available at IWU;
  • Understand specific curricular requirements and expectations and select appropriate coursework;
  • Identify their academic advisor and the significance of the advising relationship;
  • Develop decision making skills;
  • Understand their responsibilities in the advising relationship;
  • Recognize educational and experiential opportunities available at IWU (i.e. departmental research, internships, study abroad experiences, tutoring, leadership and involvement in student organizations, volunteer possibilities, etc.);
  • Evaluate their progress towards earning a degree;
  • Become familiar with and use appropriate campus support services.


Contact information:

Illinois Wesleyan University
Holmes Hall 110
1312 Park Street
Bloomington, IL 61701
309-556-3231 (phone)
309-556-3436 (fax)