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Narendra Jaggi

Professor and Chair of Physics


Office Number:
Narendra Jaggi

Also Visiting Scholar, Physics Department, UIUC.

A materials physicist by training, Professor Jaggi's current research is in the following areas.

  • Magneto-transport in Artificial Spin Ices  and nano-heterostructures made of Ferromagnets and Topological Insulators.
  • Superconductivity in nanoscale islands of Niobium thin films.
  • Computer simulations of telomere dynamics and its role in aging, senescence, and tumorigenesis.

Our research group:Tao (Paul) Jin ’19, David “Nico” Lopez ’21, Minzhao (Henryken) Liu ’21,  Nicholas Milcik, Richa Sapotka '22.

In spring 2019, Minzhao Liu  won the second prize at  the Illinois Section of American Association of Physics Teachers (ISAAPT)’s Student Research Symposium. 

He is the 2013 winner of the IWU Kemp Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence.

He is the 2003 winner of the IWU Student Senate Professor of the Year Award.

He is the 2003 winner of the Carnegie Foundation CASE Professor of the Year for Illinois.

 To learn more about his research, you may visit his  Google Scholar Profile  or e-mail him at

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