Admissions Criteria

IWU students who major in STEM and Educational Studies are eligible to apply to become a Noyce Scholar at the end of their second year.  Noyce Scholars receive up to $15,000 on top of their existing financial aid for up to two years for a maximum of $30,000.  The scholarship is tied to a postgraduate teaching commitment.  To be admitted as a Noyce Scholar, students must satisfy the following criteria.  Girls In Lab

Noyce Scholar Selection Criteria:  

  • 2.85 GPA, both overall and in STEM courses
  • Knowledge of culturally-relevant pedagogy, approaches to teaching for social justice, and responsive instruction as articulated in the application essay and the in-person interview
  • Positive field placement evaluations from early clinicals in high-needs schools 
  • Satisfactory completion of four courses in STEM major and two courses in Educational Studies
  • Proficiency in a STEM field as indicated by letters of reference 
  • 1st priority given to candidates who satisfy all criteria listed above and are residents of Bloomington-Normal 
  • 2nd priority given to students who satisfy all criteria listed above and participated in SPLICE after graduating from a high-needs high school