Midwest Linemen's Camp

30th Annual Midwest Linemen's Camp

Midwest Lineman's CampThe football camp is designed for players in grades 7 through 12. High school graduates are not permitted to enroll. All IHSA guidelines and rules for sport camps and clinics will be observed.

This camp's philosophy is to provide solid fundamental football skills in all aspects of line play; run and pass blocking, pass rush, reading keys, conditioning and flexibility drills. We will teach techniques that are vital to the athlete in reaching his fullest potential. There will also be instruction in weight training, running techniques, flexibility exercises and special skills.

The camp's purpose is to teach every player the fundamental and advanced skills necessary to make him a better football player and to help him develop further athletic ideals in sportsmanship, leadership, and citizenship. An evaluation of each player will be submitted to the participant at the end of camp.


June 21 - 23, 2020

For a video clip of some of the drills that campers will be instructed on throughout the camp, click here.