Student Opportunities

Exchange Programs and Careers in Japan

Illinois Wesleyan University's Study Abroad Office   offers IWU students varied programs of study in Japan.

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES)   provides university students with study abroad opportunities in Tokyo and Nagoya.

Study in Japan   is the go-to guide for anyone planning on studying in Japan (in Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese).

The Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program   is a government-sponsored English-teaching and exchange opportunity in Japan.

O-hayo Sensei   is an online and print biweekly newsletter with information on English-teaching jobs in Japan.   offers job searches for English-Japanese bilinguals (in English and Japanese).

International Computer Professional Associates (ICPA)   has searchable listings of Japanese jobs in technology, marketing and finance (in English and Japanese).

The Japan Foundation   oversees a number of cultural, teaching and student exchange programs (in English and Japanese).