Institutional Research at IWU is coordinated by Dr. Michael D. Thompson, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Evaluation.  The primary mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning is to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret institutional data and intelligence for the purposes of strategic planning, decision-making, and program evaluation.  Furthermore, the Office of Institutional Research and Planning is responsible for: the development and management of databases useful to institutional management and longitudinal analysis; publishing an annual electronic fact book; responding to surveys as well as other internal and external requests for data and information; designing and undertaking special research projects; preparing and editing reports; and assisting faculty in preparing institutional data for grant proposals.  The Office of Institutional Research and Planning also assists faculty and staff in developing assessment plan drafts for evaluating departmental and student learning goals, as well as grant-based initiatives.


IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

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