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Eda Flores-Miranda

Staff Counselor - PT

Counseling Services

Eda Flores-Miranda

Eda Flores-Miranda, MSW, LCSW

Years at IWU: 4 years

Areas of focus: Trauma and dissociation, as well as depression, anxiety, low motivation, substance abuse, and general problem-solving. 

Interests: I am a big Eeyore fan so I collect Eeyores; my personal office has a lot of them :-) I also have an interest in origami/3D origami.

Personal motto: I like to be present and accepting without judgment, clarify as much as needed to better understand and work with someone, and respectfully challenge them as needed. I also like to normalize our responses to events in our lives or our perceptions of future, because I see it as a "normal" response to abnormal situations. 

Most rewarding part of counseling: Being present when someone has the moment of understanding - that "aha" moment - on their journey to individuation/growth. It makes me feel that one person can make a difference in the world.