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Application and Guidelines: Partial Tuition Waiver for Summer Internship Credit

Please see the guidelines and application below to be considered for a partial tuition waiver for your summer internship credit. The application is straightforward, and it allows you to articulate your reasons for applying. A committee composed of IWU staff will review each application and provide a timely response.

Students may apply for a waiver of summer tuition for internship credit (no more than 0.5 units):

  1. If receiving academic credit is required by an external organization as terms of the internship,
  2. for whom the absence of this credit would prohibit the pursuit of this high-impact learning opportunity.  

Additional Considerations:

  • This credit may not count towards a course requirement in your major.
  • Demonstrated financial need.

Additional Information

To obtain academic credit:

  1. A faculty member has to approve (with signature) that the internship/research is integral to the student's academic curriculum.
  2. The on-site internship or research supervisor must also sign off on the specific responsibilities of the work and the goals the student will meet during this experience.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee. Waivers will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Please see the below internship learning contract and CPT request form (for international students) as required to receive academic credit.

Learning Contract
CPT Request Form

After reading the guidelines, if you are interested in applying for a half-credit waiver, please complete the form in the link below.

Apply Here