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Kenzie Lindquist Internship with FNRI-NAMD

kenzie in the phillipines
Kenzie Lindquist '20 says that her internship in the Phillipines "was the perfect fit for her and her adventerous soul." 

Name: Kenzie Lindquist 

Class: 2020

Major: Nursing 

Hometown: Hebron, Illinois

Interning with: FNRI-NAMD

Location: The Philippines 

Position: Nutrition Assessment and Monitoring Division Intern 


  1. What are your everyday responsibilities as an intern?

Traveling to a variety of different locations throughout the Philippines, I am assigned to assist the FNRI-NAMD team of researchers by conducting interviews, taking anthropometric measurements, weighing and recording food intake of respondents, and any other tasks the researchers ask of me.


  1. How did you land this internship?

Through applying and getting accepted into the Freeman Asia program. 


  1. What drew you to this internship?

I was drawn to this internship for many reasons. One of my best friends had recommended it to me after she had done it the year prior and I thought about applying for about a year. I could not pass up an opportunity of a lifetime to go to the Philippines for FREE and experience how the other side of the world lives. Also, I was not wanting to work in the hospital quite yet so I decided this internship was the perfect fit for me and my adventurous soul.


  1. How did IWU prepare you for succeeding as an intern?

IWU helped me understand the importance of culturally competent healthcare that inspired my interest in understanding the values of different cultures. Taking the class research taught me how to critique research studies as well as fueled my interest in wanting to do more research. I have built an immense amount of knowledge and skills working in the hospital which prepared me for this internship.

kenzie with other freeman asia interns
Other Freeman Asia interns in the Phillipines include (Left to Right): Mimi Nguyen ’21, Marcia Rolofson ’20,   Kathryn Hoffacker ’21 and Kenzie Lindquist '20
  1. What do you hope to gain from this internship experience as you look forward to being a student/professional?

I hope to gain an understanding of Asian culture which will ultimately help improve my cultural competence. In addition, being a part of this research team I hope to learn the nature of how conducting research actually works. Finally, I will improve my understanding of nutrition and the use of anthropometric measurements.


  1. What's been a particularly rewarding experience as an intern?

It has been rewarding to witness a culture which is very generous and hospitable. Even though some of the respondents were food insecure and were impoverished, they still insisted on giving food that they had away.


  1. In your opinion, why is it important for students to experience internships?

It is vital to have an internship because of the exposure to unique experiences that will better prepare you in who you want to be. Internships allow the opportunity to work through uncomfortable/foreign situations which ultimately create personal growth.