The Value of a Liberal Arts Education


Are the Liberal Arts Worth It?

A new report documents that liberal arts graduates reach higher earnings and enjoy long-term professional success.


In a "chArts & Sciences" infographic, Phi Beta Kappa has compiled quick stats to illustrate why America must confirm the life-long value of a broad-based education, which expands opportunity and drives ingenuity and innovation.


CEO Advice: "Get a Liberal Arts Degree"
Edgar M. Bronfman, the former CEO of Seagram Company, Ltd., believes the work place of the future requires adaptable minds. "There is nothing that makes the mind more elastic and expandable than discovering how the world works," he writes.


Poll: Employers Favor Those With Well-Rounded Education
A recent public poll found that American adults and employers favor graduates who can communicate and think critically and creatively, rather than receive narrow training and industry-specific skills. Also reported by Inside Higher Ed .


The Value of Liberal Arts
Commentary: "Students headed to college this fall should consider that a liberal arts education may very well be their best option for future employment, not only in the short-term, but over the course of their careers."


Why a Liberal Arts Education Creates Great Entrepreneurs
John Dearborn, president of venture development firm JumpStart Inc., joins the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in his view that great innovations spring from the liberal arts.


Numbers Don't Lie – A Cost/Value Analysis of a Liberal Arts Degree
Not only is a liberal arts education not as expensive as news stories lead us to believe, but there may be no better investment in America today.


Employers Demand Higher Learning Levels, More Liberal Education Outcomes
In a survey commissioned by the Association of American Colleges & Universities, employers said today's workers need a broader range of skills and knowledge.


Best Education Not Closely Tied to One Job
A rigorous education will ensure that students are prepared not just for their first jobs, but also for their second jobs, and especially for those kinds of jobs that do not yet exist.


Forbes: A Liberal Arts Degree Is More Valuable Than Learning Any Trade
The head of a billion-dollar software company argues that the skills necessary to succeed today are best fostered in a liberal arts environment.

Liberal Arts

Forbes: Major in What You Enjoy Most and Do Best
It's true: Liberal arts graduates earn well above the median income, excel in their careers and find great satisfaction in them.

Happiest Grad

Christian Science Monitor: Why a liberal arts education is the best job preparation
Students today can easily find information. The challenge is making connections, dealing with complexity.

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USA Today: Liberal Arts Grads Better Prepared, More Satisfied
A national survey found that alumni of liberal arts colleges such as Illinois Wesleyan are better prepared for their careers and more satisfied with their education than graduates of other institutions.