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President Wilson

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and Friends,

For the past two years, the faculty, staff, and students at Illinois Wesleyan have been engaged in a strategic planning process.  There were several reasons for undertaking this effort, including the fact that the University had just completed a comprehensive self study as part of a successful regional accreditation process and the acknowledgement that the challenges and opportunities that we face today are quite different from those envisioned when the last plan was created in 2006. 

The new plan, IWU 2020, is the result of careful attention to the key variables affecting the environment for liberal arts colleges like Illinois Wesleyan, both now and in the future, and to the actions that the University can take to respond to these realities while sustaining programs of the highest quality.

The Board of Trustees gave its approval to IWU 2020 on May 16, 2014.  I am pleased to report that we began implementing parts the plan before the process was completed, a sure sign that the plan is focused on the right priorities and provides the right direction.


Richard F. Wilson