IWU Strategic Planning & Budgeting Committee  (SPBC)



Richard F. Wilson, President and Chair of the SPBC
Jonathan D. Green, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Dan Klotzbach, Vice President for Business and Finance
Matt Kurz, Vice President for Public Relations
Karla Carney-Hall, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Michael D. Thompson, Asst VP for Institutional Research, Planning & Evaluation


John Jordan '57, Trustee Emeritus
Ceasar Douglas
Kathy Lewton '70

FACULTY (CUPP = 1-year term; at-large = 3-year term)

Kevin Sullivan, Associate Professor of Religion, at-large representative, 3-year term
Michael Seeborg, Professor of Economics, at-large representative, 1-year term
Dan Terkla, Professor of English, at-large representative, 2-year term
Lynda Duke, Academic Outreach Librarian, CUPP Representative, 1-year term
Jerry Olson, Professor of Accounting, CUPP Representative, 1-year term
Tari Renner, Professor of Political Science, CUPP Representative, 1-year term


Linda Biehl - Telecommunications Systems Specialist - IT (non-exempt), 3-year term
Stacey Shimizu, Director of International Office, at-large representative, 1-year term
Trey Short, Asst Provost and Chief Technology Officer, 2-year term


Rachel Paturi '13