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Spaces & Events

IDEA Center

As the innovation hub on Illinois Wesleyan University's campus, we have many of the tools necessary to help your dreams become a reality. Learn more

Get Funded

Compete for seed funding through The Petrick Idea Center's Get Funded event. This milestone seed grant program is designed to help IWU students get their new ideas off the ground. Learn more .

Titan New Venture Challenge

Compete for up to $5,000 of startup funding through the Titan New Venture Challenge at The Petrick Idea Center. Learn more .

IWU MakerGirl Academy

MakerGirl is a nonprofit dedicated to educating young girls in STEM through workshops and training in 3D printing and other technologies. Learn more .
Titan Talks: Innovation Series logo

Titan Talks: The Innovation Series

Titan Talks is a webinar series featuring IWU alumni, friends, supporters, faculty and staff who are leaders in their field, faculty with insight on their research, and staff with updates on their respective areas. Every quarter, The Petrick Idea Center sponsors a Titan Talks webinar on innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn more.



John Quarton - Director of The Petrick Idea Center

Department - Provost And Dean Of Faculty