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Campus Religious Groups

A number of RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) are active on campus. 

Please visit the Spiritual RSO page for a full description of and contact information for these organizations: 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Athletes of Christian faith come together to discuss how the Lord and God impact their lives.

Contact Madie Monk at for more information

Hindu YUVA

Hindu YUVA aims to provide a platform to preserve, practice, promote, and protect Hindu Dharma (the Hindu way of life) by creating opportunities for the college community to understand and practice Hindu Dharma, conducting regular programs aimed at developing strong character and good universal values, doing Sewa (service) for the local and college community, and raising awareness about issues affecting Hindus around the world. Not currently meeting.


In Christ Alone

A fellowship dedicated to loving Jesus Christ and sharing His word.

Contact Kayla Rao at for more information

IWU Interfaith

IWU Interfaith meets every Wednesday at 4:00pm in the basement of Evelyn Chapel. Experience RelgiosiTEA where students of religious and non-religious views come together to discuss how faith and secular traditions shape perspectives on current issues.

Contact Katherine Watson at for more information

Jewish Student Association

A Jewish organization that meets to discuss holidays, food, tradition, literature, and language.

Contact the Office of Multifaith Engagement at for more information

MSA (Muslim Student Association)

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a national association for high school and college students to gather and discuss topics in relation to Islam. On the campus of IWU, MSA is a place to learn and be educated about Islam as well as interact with students from various backgrounds.

Contact  the Office of Multifaith Engagement  at   for more information

PSA (Pagan Student Association)

We provide a space for Pagan students to find like-minded community with which to celebrate the seasons and holidays, as well as engage in lively  discussions around a variety of topics related to Paganism.  We also seek to include non-Pagan students in an effort to reach out to potential allies,  meet the needs of the curious, and educate the campus and student body about who we are and what we do so as to clear up many of the misconceptions that exist around Paganism.

Contact Katherine Watson at for more information

SSA (Secular Student Alliance)

Non-religious students come together to discuss a variety of topics related to religion or lack thereof.

Contact Emma Garcia at for more information

Titan Catholic

Titan Catholic is dedicated to sharing the Catholic faith across campus, going to Mass together every week, and participating in service projects.

Contact Clarissa King at or Carlo Chavez Linares at for more information


You can also refer to local faith communities here in Bloomington-Normal by visiting our Resources Page!