3 on 3 Basketball


  1. Officials should wear a distinct uniform that is different from the players. Each team must provide a scorekeeper.

  2. Officials must check players for inappropriate equipment such as: jewelry, casts, braces, metal or hard objects, etc. Whether or not equipment is appropriate is left to the official's judgement.

  3. The game will consist of two 20 minute halves. There is a continuous clock except during time-outs and the final two minutes of the SECOND half. If at the 2-minute mark, the team winning is ahead by 15 points or more, the clock will continue running during the final two minutes (whether or not the point deficit decreased/increased).

  4. Each team is allowed 2 one-minute time-outs. Unused time-outs from the first half may carry over to the second half. There are not extra time-outs during overtime.

  5. If the game ends in a tie after regulation play, there will be a three minute overtime, with the clock stopping during the final minute. No time-outs are allowed during this last minute.

  6. A coin toss will determine the team possession at the start of the first half and to initiate the alternate possession procedure. The referee will determine whether or not a basket counts if there is a disagreement. The referee will check and approve the score at the end of each half.

  7. The officials should penalize unsportsmanlike conduct by any player, coach, substitute, team attendant, fan, etc. If there is a flagrant misconduct the official shall remove the player from the game and\or area. In addition, the officials shall banish any offending coach, fan, etc.

  8. A player who commits his\her 5th foul shall be removed from the game.

  9. Scorers are responsible for recording personal and team fouls, keeping track of the overall and individual scorers, time-outs, and the possession arrow.

  10. Five players are allowed on the court at a time, but a team can play with 3 players in order to avoid disqualification. If there are not at least 3 players by the time the game is supposed to start, the team has to forfeit. The other team's captain may choose to give them an extra 10 minutes to show up, but whatever amount of the 10 minutes is used will be deducted from the game time.

  11. Substitutes can be made on dead balls only.