Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design & Technology

The bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Technology is for the student who aspires to a career as a designer or technician for the theatre.  This all-encompassing pre-professional curriculum includes applied training in drawing, rendering, stagecraft, construction, drafting and painting as well as academically oriented courses like dramatic theory, history and literature.  All design/tech students will also receive some performance training and have the opportunity to audition for roles if they so wish.  In addition to intensive coursework, BFA designers and technicians will apply their crafts behind the scenes during our active production season. The Degree Liaison for this program is Marcia McDonald

lighting and set for Trojan Women

 Trojan Women -- Spring 2011

Costume Design

Students may choose an area of focus in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Technology.  Some areas that a costumed focus student may find themselves exploring are  design, construction, draping and wigs and make-up design. Student designers work on all main stage and lab shows through out the season.  Because there are no graduate students with which to compete designers often find themselves assigned to these shows directed by faculty directors.  Upon graduation it is not uncommon for a student to have a portfolio of work with several fully realized designs.

A Bold Stroke for a Wife

A Bold Stroke for a Wife -- Spring 2005

Scenic Design

The student focusing on set design can find themselves very busy at Illinois Wesleyan. Hand drafting , computer drafting, model building and real world hands on experience make this program special.  Students work with a faculty mentor to see designs through to a fully actualized design.  Upon graduation a BFA Set Designer will have fully realized designs for a portfolio that will translate to post graduate work in the business.

Once Upon a matress

 Once Upon a Mattress -- Fall 2010

Lighting Design

The student wishing to study lighting and media design will take advantage of our highly trained, professional faculty.  These faculty mentor students as they grow into designers. Light can transform environment and mood in subtle or visceral ways.  The student interested in lighting will graduate with hands on experience in hanging, focusing , programing, designing and working in the light lab on paper projects as well as with faculty directors in the lab or main stage season as they see their fully realized designs take shape.

Children's Hour lighting

The Children's Hour -- Fall 2011

Stage Management

 The skills of a stage manager are in high demand in the business of theatre making.  At Illinois Wesleyan students take their knowledge of theatre and the organizational and management skills they study and find work in summer stock, regional, Theatre for Young Audiences as well as Equity and Non Equity theatres across the country.  Upon graduation the student who wishes to stage manage will have experience in many crew positions leading up to the stage management of student and faculty directed shows.


Pippin -- Fall 2009



Cirque de solei

Ben Stephenson –'00

 BFA Tech/Design

Currently working on Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE the new Beatles extravaganza in Las Vegas.


Object art designer

Peter Yagecic '98 – technician/object artist , director of technology for the Blue Man Group, puppeteer with the Flock Theater


Kyle Urqhart

Kyle Urquhart, BFA '10

AEA Stage Manager Berkshire Theatre Festival Company Manager/Equity Stage Manager, Brevard Music Festival, Janiec Opera Company, Williamstown Theatre Festival



Pam Wilcox, BFA  '09

Costume Designer, currently a stitcher at the Shakespeare Company in Washington, DC


Make-up designer

Samone B. Weissman –'97

BFA Tech/Design . Stage Manager currently freelancing in NYC. NYC credits include the American Globe Theatre and the Jean Cocteau Repertory Theatre.