Adriana Ponce

Adriana Ponce, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Music

B.M. Boston University; M.M., Brandeis University; Ph.D., Brandeis University;

Prof. Ponce teaches upper level courses in the history of style during the renaissance, baroque, classical and romantic periods; the two-semester music history survey; a general education music appreciation course; and a course in world musics for majors.  Prior to her current appointment, she taught various courses in theory, musicology and general education at IWU, Rutgers University, Bradley University and abroad.  


Her research interests revolve around questions of form and style in the early romantic period, and in Schumann and Chopin, in particular.  She has also done work on the relationship between theory, analysis and musicology; on the impact of the so-called new musicology on undergraduate teaching; and has more recently embarked, as a co-researcher, on a translation project of the works of Roque Cordero.  She has presented her work in local and national conferences of the American Musicological Society and the Society of Music Theory (Boston, New York, and Phoenix), and delivered papers in conferences of the Society of Music Analysis (Cardiff, U.K.); the Fryderyk Chopin Institute (Poland, Warsaw); the University of Tel-Aviv (Tel-Aviv, Israel); the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, the Royal Society of Music History of the Netherlands, and the Royal Society for Music History of Belgium (The Hague, Netherlands); and in the 17th Biennial Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music (Edinburgh, U.K).  She will soon be presenting in a conference organized by the Pedagogy Study Group of the American Musicological Society (Chicago) and at the 50th Annual Conference of the Royal Music Association (Leeds, U.K.).


She has a forthcoming article, “Memory and Non-linear, End-oriented Coherence in Chopin’s Nocturnes” in The Third International Chopin Congress 1810-2010: Ideas-Interpretation-Influence (Warsaw: Fryderyk Chopin Institute, 2013), is the main author of a five-volume Theory and Solfege Method, Sounds Around Us, and is also the editor of a book of piano arrangements of popular and traditional Arabic melodies by Dia’ Rishmawi, Let’s Play: Forty Arab Melodies Arranged for Piano Beginners—both developed for, and published by, the Edward Sa’id National Conservatory of Music, in Jerusalem.


During the summers of 2008 through 2010, Prof. Ponce was a regular participant in the Annual Retreat of Arabic Music, organized by the Arab-American Arts Institute in Mount Holyoke College.  Her diversity of interests keeps her engaged in the academic and extra-academic life at Illinois Wesleyan University, where, among other things, she worked to acquire a Gamelan ensemble for the university, co-organized a multi-event, multidisciplinary campus celebration of Hildegard of Bingen, participated in a student-led production of the Vagina Monologues, organized a presentation on anti-government student-led demonstration in Venezuela, and has served as faculty advisor to a number of student organizations.

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