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  summer 2012 cover  

Winter 2013-14

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History Maker: Retiring History Professor Paul Bushnell worked for change both at Illinois Wesleyan and in the Civil Rights Movement.

A Tale of Two Elections: Political Science Professor Tari Renner breaks down his two mayoral campaigns and what they reveal about modern local election politics.

Rescue Mission: Alumnus Bob Page ’79 helped turn around a troubled hospital by instilling a culture of caring.

Linking In: Illinois Wesleyan’s Hart Career Center connects students and alumni through internships.

The Eash Way: This fall, Norm Eash ’75 became the winningest coach in Titan football’s 122-year history.

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  summer 2012 cover  

Fall 2013

What's inside

Of a Feather: Audiences connect to the play Deanna Jent ’84 wrote based on her experiences as the mother of a special-needs child.

Life by Design: Former art major Maria Gonzalez ’08 draws attention with her graphics magic.

Meaningful Engagement: Alumni Association President Sundeep Mullangi envisions new ways for alumni to connect.

Setting the Stage for Change: Alumni, students and faculty create an indelible portrayal of America’s working poor.

View from the Cockpit: Retired Marine Corps jet pilot David Wilson ’70 gives an inside look into aviation history.

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  summer 2012 cover  

Summer 2013

What's inside

From Student to Nurse: While preparing for their profession, Illinois Wesleyan's
nursing students explore a range of liberal arts experiences.

Wide Awake and Still Dreaming: Juan Salgado '91 finds inspiration in his family and his education as he leads efforts to help Latino immigrants.

That's Disgusting!: In examining what makes us feel revulsion, Daniel Kelly '97 also reveals surprising truths about what makes us human.

The Law of Attraction: Before securing highly sought federal clerkships, classmates Rachel Halfpap and Erin Cox took their vows as husband and wife.

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  winter 2012 cover  

Spring 2013

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A Precarious Path to Discovery: IWU biologist Edgar Lehr explores the world’s most
 remote habitats in search of new species of frogs and
lizards that may be on the verge of vanishing.

International Engagement: Half of Illinois Wesleyan students study abroad. For
 many, the experience has inspired even deeper
 explorations of global opportunities.

Adding It Up: In teaching and research, Math Professor
 Tian-Xiao He embraces the joy of exploring an
 oft-feared subject.

Top 10 Life Lessons: In becoming one of the nation’s top 
financial advisors, Carol Brandt ’78 learned several
 valuable life lessons that she now shares with others.

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  winter 2012 cover  

Winter 2012-13

What's inside

Legends of the Apollo: For generations, the Apollos ruled as IWU’s premier vocal ensemble.

A Winning Combination: As “head nerd” for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, Karl Pierburg ’98 applies his twin passions for football and complex problem solving.

Laugh and Learn: Brooke Trantor ’11 pursues a lifelong dream as a student in the legendary Second City improv troupe’s Hollywood conservatory.

Cover to Cover: As IWU Magazine passes the 20-year mark, we look back on some memorable covers.

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  summer 2012 cover  

Fall 2012

What's inside

Dynamic Patterns : Whether crafting
custom jewelry, performing onstage or sharing the excitement of citizen science, Matthew Dearing '00 explores life's dynamic patterns.

Keeping the Promise : President Wilson frankly discusses the mounting need for student financial aid.

Finding Their Wings : A new scholarship
program gives students the time and guidance to realize their potential.

Turning the Tables: Hard work and an unbeatable formula for success help three IWU alumni make their mark on Chicago's competitive dining scene.

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  summer 2012 cover  

Summer 2012

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A Growing Concern : Agricultural biotechnology has been rejected by millions who might benefit from it. Is there a way to bridge the gap?

The Eckley Legacy : President Emeritus Robert S. Eckley, who died in April 2012, brought stability and continuity of leadership during his 18-year tenure.

Deeply Heard : Bringing forth the creative voice within, Professor David Vayo inspires students and music listeners.

On Dangerous Ground: An Army company led by Joseph Frederick ’05 disarms roadside bombs in Afghanistan.

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  Spring cover  

Spring 2012

What's inside

A Season to Remember: One of the most remarkable chapters in Titan athletic history.

In Deep: As a volunteer at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, Dawn Dall Ducharme '96 experiences the joy of diving into another world.

A Woman's Place: As a passionate crusader in the campaign for women's suffrage, Antoinette Funk, class of 1898, shattered stereotypes she once espoused.

Work of Art: The new School of Art rotunda captures attention and sparks imaginations.

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