Student Research in Economics

Economics majors undertake serious research projects, and many present their results at the John Wesley Powell Research Conference, and other venues.

John Wesley Powell Research Conference

The John Wesley Powell Research Conference is a university-wide student research conference that provides individuals with an opportunity to communicate the results of their research projects to those at Illinois Wesleyan University and the greater academic community. It serves as an opportunity for IWU economics students to showcase the research they have done for Senior Project 401 or Research Honors. Read examples of student research.

IWU students at the first Carroll Round Conference

The Midwest Economics Association Annual Meeting is a chance for economics students at Illinois Wesleyan to present their research projects to a wider and more professional audience than is possible at the John Wesley Powell Conference.

The Georgetown Carroll Round Conference offers 30-40 distinguished seniors from the nation's most selective colleges and universities unique opportunities to present original economic research and to discuss contemporary policy issues. The Conference has an international flavor, as papers must be internationally focused to be accepted for presentation. The Carroll Round has completed its eleventh year.

The following links offer abstracts of economics research projects presented at the John Wesley Powell Conference, arranged by year.

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