Majors of the Economics Program

The economics department is proud of our majors. Most come in knowing little or no economics.  But they learn fast, from the faculty, and from each other. They see what students just a little older are doing, and are emboldened to do likewise. By senior year, they too are organizing field trips, doing internships, editing their own volume of The Park Place Economist, or presenting their own original research. Majors (as of August 2013) are listed below by class.


Benjamin Aberle Derek Lindgren
Jonathan (Jake) Bates Elizabeth Liubicich
Alexandra Bechtel Timothy Mackey
Erik Bergstrom Michael Mayberger
Matthew Bishop Cristina (Claudia) Petcu
Mark Giannis Shane Rische
Jaret Kanarek Barbara Skrobacz
Andrea Kerwin Zongda (Derek) Tu
Keanan Koppenhaver Onyinye Udenze
Jason Kotecki Erin Wachtel
Kent Larson Benjamin White


Anthony Angelos Nicholas Kasperski
Randy Azuogu Michael Leftakes
Craig Berberich Licen (Leah) Liu
Dominique (Nikki) Castle Lisa Mishra
Anh Dao John Munyon
Emaido (Ema) Edem Tung Nguyen
Robert Erffmeyer Steven Petchenik
Tyler Hatcher Daniel Truesdale
Ene Ikpebe Natalie Witter 
Haotian (Matt) Jiang  


Carl Anderson Stephanie McAtee
Joseph Bakke Skylar Mihalik
Michael Hennel Ngoc Giao Nguyen
Maxwell Leonard Michelle Riechers
Hanlun Lu Tyler Stacey
Shiqing Ma Michael Tumlos
Austin Maxwell Bram Warshawsky